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John Capper

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Journalist. F.R.A.S. Resident in Ceylon as early as 1836, sometime manager of coffee plantation. Connected for almost forty years with the press in Ceylon and India. On title page of one of his books, 1852, designated himself "Late Editor of the 'Emigrants' Journal'" (periodical title given on title page of later book as "Emigrant's Journal"); on title page of another book, 1853, designated himself "Late Editor of the Ceylon Examiner". For many years associated with J. O. B. Saunders, proprietor of Calcutta Englishman; in the 1870s edited Ceylon Times. Also correspondent for London Times and representative for that paper of Mincing Lane interests. Occasional contributor to Chambers's. Died in London, where, up to the time of his death, was active member of Ceylon Association. Author of books on Australia: The Emigrants' Guide to Australia, 1852, and Australia: As a Field for Capital, Skill, and Labour, 1854. Recorded himself on title pages of two of his books as author of Our Gold Colonies; on title page of another, as author of The Gold Fields; the two titles not listed in bibliographies of his writings or in Britsh Museum General Catalogue of Books. Also author of books on India and Ceylon: The Three Presidencies of India, 1853; The Duke of Edinburgh in Ceylon. A Book of Elephant and Elk Sport, 1871; A Full Account of the Buddhist Controversy, Held at Pantura, 1873; and two collections of stories and sketches of Ceylon.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1973.


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