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IT WAS MY FATHER'S WISH, expressed in writing only a week before
his death, that I, his eldest son, and latterly his assistant editor, should
succeed him in the management of the Journal so long associated with
his name.

In accordance with this clearly-expressed desire, and strong in the
hope inspired by so encouraging a mark of his confidence, I address
myself to the fulfilment of the task which he appointed me to discharge.

It is intended that the management of "ALL THE YEAR ROUND," in
the future, shall be based on precisely the same principles as those on
which it has, up to this time, been conducted. The same authors who
have contributed to its columns in time past, will contribute to them still.
The same spirit which has in the past pervaded its pages will, so far as
conscientious endeavour may render it possible, pervade them still. The
same earnest desire to advocate what is right and true, and to oppose
what is false and unworthy, which was the guiding principle of my
Father's career, and which has always characterised his management of
"ALL THE YEAR ROUND," will, I most earnestly hope, continue to be
apparent in its every word.

So much, then, being the same, it may not be presumptuous in me
to hope that the same readers with whom this Journal, and that which
preceded it, found favour for so many years, may still care to see the
familiar title page on their tables as of old.

With this brief explanation of the course I propose to adopt, and
omitting all reference whatever to my own personal feelings in connexion
with the great sorrow which has rendered this statement necessary, I
leave the future Journal to speak for itself.

"It is better that every kind of work, honestly undertaken and
discharged, should speak for itself than be spoken for." These were
the words with which my Father inaugurated the New Series of "ALL THE
YEAR ROUND." I cannot surely do better than repeat them in this place.