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The London of Great Expectations.
A DJO film about the links between the novel and the city. [Play]
Portait of Simon Callow.
An introduction to Dickens Journals Online by actor Simon Callow.
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Written by John Drew

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Following on from our successful A Tale of Two Cities and No Name reading and blogging projects, join us to read Dickens's Great Eexpectations week-by-week, as the novel's first readers did, in Dickens's journal All the Year Round. We'll follow this extraordinary tragi-comic grotesque-but-perfectly-proportioned coming-of-age classic through its regular short weekly instalments for 36 weeks. We start on Friday 1 December (to coincide with the original 1860 publication date) and we'll read our final instalment on the 3rd of August 2018. Participants can read the instalments in their magazine form via Dickens Journals Online and we'll share our responses in an online reading group/blog. You can also sign up to tweet each episode in character!

Click here to view the Great Expectations reading project blog 

Here is the link to the installments: http://www.djo.org.uk/indexes/authors/charles-dickens/great-expectations.html Remember not to read beyond the calendar date.

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