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"WELL, you've pulled through, Heaven
be praised," said Captain Diamond, sitting
with Tillotson one afternoon. " It was a narrow
escape, believe me. But now, Tillotson,
see. I want to speak to you seriously. Tom's
going to put on his wise nightcap. I dare say
you are laughing at me——"

"I wish I had half your sense, my dear
friend," said the other, warmly, "as I wish
that I had even a quarter of your kind heart."

"My poor fellow," said the captain, nervously
passing by this compliment, " you went through
a great dealindeed you did, Tillotson; and
now you won't mind my speaking to you
seriously, will you?"

"My dear friend," said Mr. Tillotson,

"Very well, then. Sir Duncan, you know, the
doctorwho is about as wide-awake a fellow as
ever steppedhe says it can't go on. It will be
all back again to-morrow or next day. And if
you are caught by the leg the next time, my
dear fellowI tell you this plainlynot all the
doctors in town will pull you through."

"I have been very foolish," said Mr. Tillotson,
" and mean to take more care of myself.
After all, I begin to think it a selfish thing to
be mooning away life in this way. I am going
to begin. Indeed yes."

"Give me the hand," said Captain Diamond,
eagerly. " I like to hear you say that. You're
a good fellow." And he paused in some
embarrassment. " Now, another thing. This isn't
the place for you. Capital rooms, you know,

"Well, I am thinking of changing," said Mr.
Tillotson, smiling.

"It's not that so much," said the captain,
in growing embarrassment. " It's the life.
You ought to look about you, Tillotson. Why,
you are only a boy, you know. Bless me! if
I were your age, I'd go and pick out the
prettiest girl and set up at once. I'd have done it
years ago, only, my dear fellow," added the
captain, with a comic look, " they didn't like the
cut of my Roman nose, you see."

Mr. Tillotson shook his head. "That sort of
thing is all past for me, long, long ago. I fear
the same objection would applynot, indeed, to
the nose, for I have a very small one, but to my
life and disposition."

"My dear friend," said the captain,
enthusiastically, " is that all? Then I know a little
girl that at this moment is worshipping the very
key of your watch; that you have only to speak,
for her to say ' Yes' with a heart and a half.
You know who I mean, Tillotson; a little girl
that's a treasure, and who, at this moment,
knows no more of what I am talking about
than a child unborn. Surely I am next door
to an old woman, Tillotson. You know it
was all head or tails with your life then. Upon
my soul, it quite touched me to see her little
affectionthe creature! I thought her heart
would be broken, I did indeed: but never a
word. I picked it out, you know; and, as I
stand here, and am a living Christian holding
the king's commission, you owe your life to her
you do indeed! But for that faithful little
soul, Tillotson, you'd be lying now nailed down
fast in your coffinHeaven be between you and
harm, though!"

Wondering, amazed, Mr. Tillotson listened to
the story, which the captain then told him, of her
little exploitrelated with many a " not a word
of lie in what I am telling you, Tillotson. But
I could talk to you for hours on this. And, you
know, she's so delicate. A chestreallynow
on my solemn word of honourno more
than that bit of blotting-paper. Dennison, the
Queen's own fellowtip-top, you know, and
attending all the great lordshas taken to her
like his own child. See, Tillotson," added the
captain, wistfully, just as another man would
come to the bank, begging to get his bill
" done," " tryjust try and think of all this."

In this way the captain had carried out his
little plan, although he had professed so humbly
that Tom was " no better than an old woman"
with him a formal or contemptuous phrase
for his private opinion of that amiable and
most sensible class of God's creatures who
have travelled nearly to the end of the highway,
and have brought with them a growing
load of patience, good humour, and observation,
was not nearly so low as that vulgar
one of the world. He came home in great