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The fifth, appears to know his value as
Public Instructor, and Head of the National
System of Education, if elected.

Southwark London
Mr. Sherriff               April 20th 1851

Sir I will perform the duties of Hangman
for the execution of Maria Clarke on Wednesday
in consideration of sixty pounds for my services

Yours respectfully

to the High Sheriff of
on haste
to the

High Sheriff for the
County of Suffolk
p. paid

The sixth, is workmanlike.

Honoured Sir                 Deal. April 21/51

Understanding that you cannot get a
man to take the job of hanging the Woman on
Wednesday next I will volunteer to do the business
if the terms are liberal and suit me

I remain your respected

The seventh, is also business-like, and is
more particular. The writer's mention of
himself as a married man shows considerable

Sir                      Manchester April 19/51

Seeing the enclosed printed paper in the
Newspaper if it is a facte I am your man if your
trums will suit me that is what am I to have for
the work and how am I to get there

I am yours &c

P S. my height is 5 feet 5 and my age is 32
yearsand I am a married man

The writer of the eighth, is, we may
infer from his tone respecting the eminent
"Calcraft," a Constant Reader.

To the Sheriff of Ipswitch

Sir                      April 20

Hearing that Calcraft is unable to attend
on Wednesday next to execute Maria Clarke I
offer myself as a substitute being able and
competent to fullfill his place on this occasion upon
the same terms as Calcraft if you think proper to
engage me a note addressed to me
will meet with immediate attention

Your humble Servant

The ninth, is cautious and decisive, though
it evidently proceeds from a Saxon, and is
characteristically unjust toward the only part
of the earth which is in no way responsible
for its own doings.

Honor'd Sir                          April 20th/51.

Seeing that you ware at present in some
difficulty to find an Executioner to perform your
Duties on the person of Maria Clarke whose
execution is fixed for Wednesday next I beg to
offer to perform the office of hangsman on that
occasion for the sum of £50 to be paid on the
completion of the same. In order to prevent the
public from Knowing my real name and address
shall request you to address to M. B. care of
                   should you
accede to my proposal an answer per return of
Post will reach me on Tuesday morning which
will afford me time to make the Journey per Rail

I of course shall expect my expences paid in
addition to the sum named

This is no idle offer as I shall most Certainly
attend to perform the duties imposed on you, at
the time required Should you accept this offer

I have the Honor to be
Honord Sir
Your Obdt Servt

To the High Sheriff
of the County of Suffolk

P. S I of course expect the name to be kept a
secret should you not accept the offer And if the
offer be accepted I shall assume the name of
Patrick Keley of Kildare Ireland

The tenth, as proceeding from an individual
who is honored with the acquaintance of the
real finishing Schoolmaster, and who even
aspires to succeed him, claims great respect.
If we selected any particular beauty from the
rest, it would be his mention of the post as a

Gentlemen             April 19th 1851

Seeing a paragraph in the paper of this
day that you are in want of an executioner in the
place of Calcraft I have taken the liberty to
inform you that you can have me the writer of this
note I have been for some time after the birth
and am well acquainted with calcraft and I wonder
he did not mention my name when you dispatched
a messenger to him I made application at
horsemonger lane for the last job there but Calcraft
attended himself Gentlemen if you should think
fit to nominate me for the job, you will find me a
fitt and proper person to fulfill it

An Answer to this application
will oblidge
Your most Humble Servant
And will meet with immediate attention


Should this meet your approbation you
will oblidge by sending me instructions when and
how to come down

You will be Kind enough to communicate this
to the High Sheriff as soon as Convenient

To the Governer
of Ipswich Gaol

The connexion of "the sad office," in the
eleventh, with "the amount," unites a heart
of sentiment with an eye to business.

Cockermouth                  Apl 21 1851

Sir having seen in the paper that Calcraft
cannot come up. I will undertake the sad Office if
well remunerated and as time is short please to
say the amount and I will come by return of Post
you may depend on me


This is the twelfth and lastfrom a plain
man accustomed to job-work.

Sir                           Wigan April 20 1851

Having seen in the Newspaper that you
was in want of a Man to oficiate in the place of