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that a spade is a spade have their minds set
at ease by the information, under the head of
"Gardening," that "A Garden is an inclosed
plot of ground, curiously cultivated and
furnished with a variety of Fruits, Plants and
Flowers. As to its form, that is to be according
to the taste of the owner and the dimensions
of the ground."

"The Complete English Housewife" may
feel happy in the knowledge of the best
method to serve her salmon and gooseberry
sauce; "how to make a Pye of her Turbot,"
and what to do with her carp to make it

Receipts follow of remarkable importance.
Amongst them is one "communicated by a
Lady of great Charity and Distinction" for
Sweating Powder; and another for Plague
Water, in the latter of which, "master-wort
and butter-bur, with lovage and zedoary,"
are prominent components. Immediately after
the pages which record these treasures of
knowledge, come the Poetry and Riddles,
which are destined to recreate the student of
so much learned matter. Here you have
songs warbled by Mr. Lowe, at Vauxhall;
Lines written in a Lady's Prayer-Book,
beginning thus:—

"If you, fair Silvia, hope the gods will hear."—

On the heels of the Muses come the politics
of Europe communicated in short hand, in
this fashion:—

HAMBURGH, MAY 30th.—Dr. Blackwell confessed
the treasons laid to his charge.

STOCKHOLM, JUNE 2nd.— Dr. Blackwell was
sentenced to have his heart taken out of his body and
burnt, &c.

LONDON, 5th.—The Sessions ended at the Old
Bailey, when John Cooke, for the Highway, Richard
Ashcroft for Smuggling, and Samuel Hurlock for
Murder, were condemned to be hanged. Thirteen
were cast for transportation, one burnt in the hand,
and five ordered to be whipped.

PETERSBURGH, 8th.—Veldt-Marshal Keith has
obtained leave to resign his employments.

ROME, 27th.—The Pretender's eldest son,
accompanied by several Scotch lords and gentlemen,
arrived there.

LONDON, 12th.— It was ordered that every ship of
war from one hundred to fifty guns, should carry as
many marines as they mount guns.

MADRID, 13th.— A dreadful earthquake has
happened at Lima in October last, which entirely
demolished the town, and swallowed up all the treasures
of that magnificent city, fifteen hundred inhabitants,
seventy-four churches, fourteen monasteries, and
fifteen hospitals.

LONDON, 17th.—This day His Majesty went to
the House of Peers and made a most gracious speech
from the throne.

Which gracious speech is given at full
length; and on the same page is an ominous
list of " those Persons particularly excepted
in the Act of Grace," in which figure a fearful
amount of Gordons, Erasers, Drurnmonds,
and M'Donalds, whose attachment to "Charlie
over the Water," placed them in the
awkward predicament here set forth in full.

Then come the births, marriages, and
deaths, certainly remarkable in their way:
the candid spirit in which gentlemen, in those
primitive times, proclaimed their motives for
leading brides to the hymeneal altar is startling.
Thomas Gordon, Esq., happily escaped
the dangers of many of his namesakes, and
marries Mrs. Trenchard: "a fortune of two
thousand pounds per annum; "the Reverend
Stephen Duck officiating on the happy
occasion. Mr. Palmer, an eminent distiller,
becomes the husband of Miss Patty Smith:
"a two thousand pounds' fortune."

The bookseller's announcements come now
in aid of the promised variety, by which we
learn how literature flourishes.

Life of Henry Sirnms, alias Young Gentleman
Harry, from his Birth to his Death at
Tyburn, all wrote by himself in Newgate.
Parker, Corbett.

The Jesuit Cabal further opened. Birt.

A Letter to the Tories. Say six-pence.

The trial at large at Westminster, wherein
a young lady was plaintiff, and a reverend
clergyman defendant, on the non- performance
of a marriage contract, when the young lady
had seven thousand pounds damages.

A Letter from a Travelling Tutor to a
Noble Young Lord.

The prices of Stocks precede a charming
portrait of the East and West elevations of
Windsor Castle, ingeniously unlike the real
building; and the reader has had his money's
worth in one number.


OUR town has not important commercial
relations, if we except its trade in painted shells,
polished pebbles, and mugs with views of the
High Street gaudily daubed upon them. It
has no port: its shipping includes only half-
a-dozen crazy fishing-boats, and a few apple-
green "pleasure " boats; from which it is the
pleasure of visitors to add materially to the
food Nature provides for the fish upon the
coast. The local guide informs us that the
Normans landed upon the coast, within a
two-and-sixpenny fly drive of the Parade
that a young lady fell from the west cliff, of
course only two days after her marriage
that, there are smuggler's caves (which may
be seen for sixpence a head,) well worth
visitingthat the sea-bathing is reckoned the
best on the coast, by competent authorities
(that is, by the lodging-house keepers of the
town). It is only, however, when the author
of the guide approaches the great subject of
his instructive volume, that he fairly gives the
rein to his eloquence, and applies, with
tremendous effect, the epithets "moss-covered"
— "hoary"—"ivy-mantled"—"venerable"—
"august," &c., &c., to the ruins which form
the staple commodity of the place. No visitor
should leave the town without having visited