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"the Devil should have his due," and that if
he (the Devil) were found engaged in the
spirit-business, then let them "stretch forth
the right hand of fellowship, and let joy
resound through earth and heaven at the
conversion of the Prince of Evil."

The following explicit and important
communications had been received from spirits
the exalted and improving character of the
announcements, evidently being a long way
beyond mortality, and requiring special
spiritual revelation.


"Who can say it, 'I am free as God made?'
My dear friends, it is sometimes very difficult
to express our sentiments in words. What
matter who speak so long as you feel a witness
in your own souls, that what is said, is said to
benefit mankind and advance the truth.
Why, my dear friends, my soul is filled with
love towards you. I daily lift my desires to
the Divine Giver of every good thing for
your welfare and eternal happiness in the life
to come. I will strive to watch over you as
a circle."


"I have long taken a deep interest in the
progress of this circle. I have called a
circle together, and now imagine your
guardian spirits assembled in a circle
encircling your circle, willing and anxious to
gratify your every wish; you must
suspend your judgment and wait patiently for
further developments, which will set believers


"Dear John, it is a pleasure to address
thee now and then, after a lapse of many
years. This new mode of conversing is no
less interesting to thy mother than to thee.
It greatly adds to the enjoyment and happiness
of thy friends here to see thee happy,
looking forward with composure to the change
from one sphere to another."


"I will add a little to what has already
been said. Keep calmlet skeptics scoff
bigots ravethe press ridiculekeep an eye
on the pulpit, there will be a mighty onslaught
by the clergy soon; hew straight, keep cool,
and welcome them into your ranks."

Upon the general question we observe that an
eminent man with the singular title of BRO
HEWITT attended a meeting at Boston, where
there was some speaking from, or through,
the mediums, which, "although not according
to the common rules or order of speaking, was
nevertheless of an interesting character in its
thought, as well as in the novelty of its
method. Two young men were the speaking
mediums alluded to, who have never spoken
in public before they were thus moved to do
it." Bro Hewitt does not mention, that the
spirits began this particular revelation with
the startling and novel declaration that they
were unaccustomed to public speaking; but it
appears probable. The spirits were assailed,
(as was only to be expected), by the Boston
press, and Bro Hewitt is of opinion that "such
a tissue of falsehood, slang, and abuse, was
never before expressed in so eminently laconic
and classic a style since Protestant Methodism
began with S. F. Norris." At the Boston
Melodeon, a large audience had assembled to
hear Theodore Parker; but in lieu of that
inspired person, "the desk was supplied by the
celebrated Andrew Jackson Davis." One
lady was much surprised to find this illustrious
individual so young; he being only
twenty-five and having a higher forehead
than Mr. Sunderland, the mesmeriser; but
wearing "a similarly savage-looking beard
and moustache." His text was "All the
World's a Stage;" and he merely "wished
to propose a new philosophy, which, unlike
the theology of the Testaments should be
free from inconsistencies, and tend to
perfect harmony." Our game friend Partridge
had remarked in solemn conference that
"some seek to protect themselves from
conflicting communications, by refusing to hearken
to any spirit unless he claims to hail from the
sixth or seventh sphere." Mr. Thomas
Hutching, "a venerable Peracher," whatever
that may be, "of forty years standing," had
been "overwhelmed" by the rapping medium,
Mrs. Fish; and the venerable Peracher had
not recovered when last heard of. The
Reverend Charles Hammond, medium, had
communicated the following important facts:
"I. All spirits are good and not evil. There
is no evil spirit on earth or in this sphere.
God nor nature never made an evil spirit.
II. There is no condition of spirit lower than
the rudimental. Earth has the lowest order,
and the darkest sphere. Hell is not a correct
word to convey the proper idea of the
comparative condition of spirits in different
circles. And III. A circle is not a space
but a development," which piece of information
we particularly recommend to
the reader's consideration as likely to do him

We find that our American friends, with
that familiar nomenclature which is not
uncommon among them, have agreed to
designate one branch of the spiritual proceedings
as "Tippings." We did at first suppose this
expressive word to be of English growth, and
to refer to the preliminary "tipping " of the
medium, which is found to be indispensable
to the entertainments on this side of the Atlantic.
We have discovered, however, that it
denotes the spiritual movements of the tables
and chairs, and of a mysterious piece of fur-
niture called a "stand," which appears to be
in every apartment. The word has passed