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the motion of the hands became more violent,
and manifested a repugnance to the watercure.
With a little assistance, however, the
hands were finally immersed, when they at
once commenced throwing the water so
plentifully over the Doctor's head and shoulders,
that he was compelled to beat a hasty retreat,
carrying with him the marks of water-baptism
at spirit hands. It is hoped that the
Doctor, after this experience in the Spiritual
electrical-fountain-bath will have a little more
charity for his rapping sisters, as he terms
them, and not again assail them from the
pulpit as void of common sense."

It certainly is very extraordinary that,
with such lights as these, any men can assail
their rapping and tipping brothers and sisters,
from any sort of pulpit, as void of common
sense. The spirit business cannot fail to be
regarded by all dispassionate persons as the
last great triumph of common sense.

These extracts, which we might extend
through several pages, will quite dispose of
the objection that there is any folly or
stupidity among the patrons of the spirit business.
As a proof that they are equally free from
self-conceit, and that that little weakness in
human nature has nothing to do with the
success of the trade, and is not at all consulted
by the dealers, we will come home to England
for a concluding testimony borne by MR.
ROBERT OWEN. This gentleman, in a conversation
with the spirits of his deceased wife
and youngest daughter, inquired what object
they had in view in favoring him with their
company? "Answer. To reform the world.
Question. Can I materially promote this
object? Answer. You can assist in promoting
it. Question. Shall / be aided by the spirits
to enable me to succeed? Answer. Yes.
Question. Shall / devote the remainder of
my life to this mission? Answer. Yes.
Question. Shall / hold a public meeting to
announce to the world these proceedings; or
shall they be made known through the British
Parliament? Answer. Through the British
Parliament. Question. Shall I also apply for
an investigation of this subject to the Congress
of the United States? Answer. Yes."This
naturally brought up the spirit of BENJAMIN
FRANKLIN, of whom Mr. Owen inquired,
"Have I been assisted in my writings for the
public, by any particular spirit? Answer.
Yes. Question. What spirit? Answer. GOD.
(This reply was made in such a manner as to
create a peculiarly awful impression on
those present.) Question. Shall I continue
to be assisted by the same spirit? Answer.

We have inquired of DR. CONOLLY, and are
informed that there are several philosophers
now resident at Hanwell Middlesex, and, also
in Saint George's Fields, Southwark, who,
without any tippings or rappings, find themselves
similarly inspired. But those learned
prophets cry aloud in their wards, and no
man regardeth them; which brings us to the
painful conclusion, that in the Spirit business,
as in most other trades, there are some


IT was an example to me, and I fancy it
might be to many others, to see how
immediately Miss Matey set about the
retrenchment which she knew to be right under her
altered circumstances. While she went down
to speak to Martha, and break the intelligence
to her, I stole out with my letter to the Aga
Jenkyns, and went to the Signor's lodgings
to obtain the exact address. I bound
the Signora to secresy; and indeed, her
military manners had a degree of shortness
and reserve in them, which made her always
say as little as possible, except when under
the pressure of strong excitement. Moreover
—(which made my secret doubly sure)—the
Signor was now so far recovered as to be
looking forward to travelling and conjuring
again, in the space of a few days, when he,
his wife, and little Phoebe, would leave
Cranford. Indeed, I found him looking over a
great black and red placard, in which the
Signor Brunoni's accomplishments were set
forth, and to which only the name of the
town where he would next display them was
wanting. He and his wife were so much
absorbed in deciding where the red letters
would come in with most effect (it might have
been the Rubric for that matter), that it was
some time before I could get my question
asked privately, and not before I had given
several decisions, the wisdom of which I
questioned afterwards with equal sincerity as
soon as the Signor threw in his doubts and
reasons on the important subject. At last
I got the address, spelt by sound; and very
queer it looked! I dropped it in the post on
my way home; and then for a minute I stood
looking at the wooden pane with a gaping slit,
which divided me from the letter but a moment
ago in my hand. It was gone from me
like life never to be recalled. It would get
tossed about on the sea, and stained with
sea-waves perhaps; and be carried among
palm-trees, and scented with all tropical
fragrance; the little piece of paper, but an
hour ago so familiar and commonplace, had
set out on its race to the strange wild
countries beyond the Ganges! But I could not
afford to lose much time on this speculation.
I hastened home, that Miss Matey might not
miss me. Martha opened the door to me, her
face swollen with crying. As soon as she saw
me, she burst out afresh, and taking hold of
my arm she pulled me in, and banged the door
to, in order to ask me if indeed it was all true
that Miss Matey had been saying.

"I'll never leave her! No! I won't. I
telled her so, and said I could not think how
she could find in her heart to give me
warning. I could not have had the face to
do it, if I'd been her. I might ha' been just an