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would show, perhaps, a vain-glorious pride
dashed with great effrontery:—

James Colbert takes the name of Colbert
Mortimer; Caleb C. Woodman that of
Emerson Mortimer; Hazan R. Fitz that of
Hazan Wellington; Lyman Cook becomes
Lyman Van Buren; Diodate G. Coon takes
the name of Diodate Calhoun; John Pickard
that of Daniel Webster; Noyes Coker that
of Edward Byron; and John Lawrence that
of George Washington.

Every one will understand the motives of
such a choiceif choice was to be madeof
names so gilded with historic and literary
fame as those of Mortimer, Wellington,
Washington, and Byron. But, many, many
Englishmen are not aware that there are, or
have recently been, in existence American
political celebrities called Van Buren,
Webster, and Calhoun.

The bump of patriotism must be lamentably
deficient in those who abandon the
peculiarly national prenomen for any other:
as Jonathan Kimball Rogers, who takes that
of John K. Rogers, and Jonathan Kendal
that of Henry Kendall.

This is like giving up Yankee Doodle for
Hail, Columbia! the former air smacking of
vulgarity, and the other having a fine

* The very ordinary tune, Yankee Doodle, was adopted during the Revolution as the national air, from its having
been played by a country fifer as a quick-step during the march of a small detachment of gallant countrymen
to the fight of Bunker's Hilla glorious title to
distinction, and far superior to that of the composition which has superseded it among the fashionable society
of America.

The romantic and lackadaisical developments
must be strong in the following young
ladies; several of them having abandoned
their good old English namenot, be it
observed, for the sake of a husbandbut
evidently under the inspiration of the last
sixpenny novel; and, from

Sarah Robbins, becoming Adelaide Austin.
Euncy Fellows         "         Caroline Follows.
Ruth Wedge            "         Sophronia Bradford.
Sarah Lombard       "         Amelia Livingstone.
Mary Carter             "         Aravilla Carter.
Judith Bray              "         Maria Bray.
Betsy Townsend      "         Malvina Townsend.
Sally Prescott          "         Phidelia Prescott.
Alice Hubbard          "         Alvina Calista Hubbard.
Nancy Tarbox          "         Almeda Taber.
Rachel Hawkes        "         Almira Aurelia Hawkes.
Martha Ames  }
   (of Saugus) }        "         Sabrina Ames (of ditto).

Polly Woodcock drops a syllable, and
becomes Polly Wood; and Alice Bottomly,
from motives of delicacy, I presume, alters
the spelling of her surname to Bothomlee.

But no particular taste for melody can
have influenced the spinsters following:

Anna Maria Bean, who becomes Eliza Patch.
Valeria Pew                       "         Mary Pew.
Serenetha Goodrich          "         Mary French.
Tryphen Van Buskirk         "         Frances Coffin.

Miss Clara Frinck cannot be blamed for
changing to Clarissa Wilson, or Abby Craw
for becoming Abigail Sawtell. Triphena
Moore, Derdamia Finney, Othealda Busk,
and the Widow Naomi Luddington are
unexceptionably elegant and need no change;
yet changed they are to other as fanciful
appellations. What could have induced Mrs.
Betty Henderson (no second marriage giving
cause) to change to Betty Grimes? Or where
was the occult motive that influenced
Philander Jacobs to change to Philander Forrest;
Ossian Doolittle to Ossian Ashley; Jeduthan
Calden to Albert Nelson; or Allan Smith to
go to the very end of the alphabet and become
Allan Izzard?

Under sundry unfathomable influences,
Horace Fish and his wife Rhuhemah take
the surname of Tremont; Curtis Squires that
of Pormeroy Montague; William H. Carlton
that of Augustus Carlton; Ingebor Janson
that of Ingebor Anderson; George
Hoskiss that of George Puffer. John Jumper
shows good taste in becoming simple John

Daniel Ames merely changes a letter, and
is Daniel Emes. Dr. Jacob Quackenbush,
finding his name unwieldy, sinks a couple of
syllables and the quack at the same time,
and is transformed to Jacob Bush, M.D.
Nathaniel Hopkins, betaking himself to rural
life, I suppose, becomes Sylvanus Hopkins.
But I cannot perceive what John Cogswell
gains (except additional trouble) by inserting
two more very unmusical monosyllables,
and becoming John Beare Doane Cogswell.

I am sorry to perceive that some Irishmen
have been infected by the epidemic; and,
while renouncing their country, try to get
rid of their national distinctions. For
instance, Patrick Hughes changes to William
Hughes; Timothy Leary changes to Theodore
Lyman; Mason McLoughlin becomes Henry
Mason; and six other persons of his name
following his bad example, a whole branch of
the family tree of the McLoughlins is lopped

As a pendant to this antinational
picture, a group of five Bulls abandon the
honest English patronymic of their common
father, John, and degenerately change it to

A good excuse may exist for the family of
Straw, the man of it, as well as his wife and
seven children (Cynthia, Sophilia, Elvina,
Diana, Sophronia, Phelista, and Orestus), for
becoming so many Nileses; while another,
called Death, petition (through a member
named Graves), and are metamorphosed into
Mr. and Mrs. and the Misses Dickenson.
Masters Ashael G., Jothan P., and Abel
S., their sons, also change from Death
to Dickenson; but, strange to say, retain
their villanous prenomens and unmeaning

One Mr. Wormwood, with some fun in