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such as has been hitherto hidden from
the ardent desires of the best of
mankind, and saw her uncle "floating out
from under the bedclothes," accompanied by
two angels with whom he floated out of window,
" and continued to float and rise till out
of sight." This lady is described as Mrs. G.,
and may, perhaps, have been Mrs. Gamp, in
professional attendance on the late Mr.
Harris. On another occasion, Mr. J. G. had
the following little experience: " One evening,
after having seen a great many extraordinary
lifts, by the table frequently springing
from the floor to a great height, and in that
manner keeping time to tunes, &c., with an
understanding that the performer was the Spirit
of Burns the poet, the company had nearly
all retired, leaving only the medium, her
father, and myself at the table, when finally
the father fell asleep, and the medium retired
to a distance from the table, leaving me alone
sitting at the table reading Burns' Poems, by
the light of a candle placed on the middle of
the table; I was just in the act of reading
the song called Wandering Willie, and was
making a remark to the medium that it was
an old favorite of mine, when I heard a
movement, and the medium said, ' the table
is moving of its own accord.' I instantly
stopped reading, and having heard of tables
moving without touch, I thought I might
perhaps be gratified with a movement of that
kind. I therefore said, ' If this is really the
Spirit of Burns, will he be kind enough to
gratify me by a movement of the table without
any human touch? ' Almost immediately
afterwards, it commenced cracking as if a
heavy weight had been pressing upon it, and
it then gave a sudden rush on the floor,
perhaps to the distance of a foot, when it
stopped." On another occasion the same
gentleman saw "a very heavy oak-table,
weighing some few stones, fly up like a rocket"
and heard a lady make the singular request
to her husband's spirit, that he would, as a
particular favor " throw" this heavy oak table,
weighing some few stones," over on her knee,"
and " upset it into her lap." These
extraordinary proofs of a love surviving beyond
the grave, her husband affectionately accorded,
but with what painful results to the lady's legs
is not mentioned. On another occasion Mrs.
Coan, Medium, was tested by "the New York
Philosophical Society of the Mechanics'
Institution," when a Spirit made the following
startling disclosure: " Did you leave a wife ?
Yes. — Did you leave children? No answer.
Did you leave a child? Yes. — Was it a
girl ? No. — Was it a boy? Yes."

Mr. Robert Owen, who, as was formerly
announced in this journal, received a special
message from the spiritual world informing
him that he would certainly succeed in his
object of re-modelling society, if he inserted
an advertisement in the Morning Post, has
made large provision for the First of April.
It is at present stored in a warehouse called
the purpose of proclaiming to mankind that:
"A CONGRESS of the advanced minds of the
world, to consider the best immediate
practicable mode of gradually superseding the
false, ignorant, unjust, cruel, wicked, and
most irrational system of society, opposed to
the righteous laws of God and nature, and
which hitherto has been the only system
known to man,—by the true, enlightened,
just, merciful, good, and rational system of
society, in strict accordance with the all-wise
laws of God and nature, will be opened at
noon precisely, on the fourteenth of May
next, in St. Martin's Hall, Long Acre, London,
the present metropolis of the worldwhen
will be explained the outline of the change
which is highly to benefit all of the human
race through futurity, and to injure none,
even while passing through its first or
transition generation, preliminary to the
attainment of its full change, which will be
the commencement of the long-promised

It is foreseen that the debates of this
assemblage (to which Mr. Owen invites "the
Sovereign Powers of the civilised world to
send their most talented representatives,
possessing firm integrity of character"—who
will no doubt attend in great numbers) will
take time. It is therefore announced that
the Congress " will be continued day by day,
from ten A.M. to three P.M., until this great
work of reformation for the lasting advantage
of all of humankind shall be brought
to a satisfactory termination." We fear this
may cause MR. HULLAH some little
inconvenience; but, it is pleasant to consider, on
the other hand, what an enormous amount
of rent that respected gentleman will receive
for the long occupation of his Hall. " Superior
spirits," it appears, are taking great
interest in the Congress, and among the
mortals who will attend, we hope Mr. Samuel
Clark, Medium, of " Beaverton, Boone Co.,
Ill., U.S.," may be expected. This gentleman
writes to the convener: ''DEAR SIR, I never
heard your name nor the right foundation of
the principles that you are advocating to the
world until a few weeks ago I came into my
house at noon and there lay your Millennial
Gazette, but the cover not removed, and as I
took it into my hand to open it a divine
spiritual influence dropt over me, as if a
mantle of light and harmony was cast over
me by some invisible power. It vibrated
through my entire system, and by that I
knew I held something holy and true in my
hand. I opened and great was my delight
there to find the principles plainly laid before
me, which I had been trying to advocate in
public for sometime past, with spiritualism
combined, having been a medium some ten
months, speaking in public, languages that I do
not understand, and sometimes no person present
understood not even one word. I have seen
spirits and had them touch me, have seen the