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A Child's Prayer

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Genre Poetry: Lyric i
Subjects Religion; Religion and Culture
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Printed : 13/12/1851
Journal : Household Words
Volume : Volume IV
Magazine : No. 90
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Reprintings: Reproduced as 'A Child's Evening Prayer' in Home Song Book: Prepared for the Use of the Children of the Home for the Friendless (New York: American Female Guardian Society, 1857) with no acknowledgement. Also reprinted in as 'Child's Evening Hymn' in Grandmother's Scrapbook; Or, The Way To Do Good. Designed to Encourage the Highest Religious Attainments within the Power of Man (Boston: Crocker and Brewster, 1869), no acknowledgement; as 'A Child's Evening Hymn' in Royal Readers, Third Series, No. 1 (London: Nelson Thomas and Sons, 1872) and with its original title in Henry Troth Coates, The Children's Book of Poetry: Carefully Selected from the Works of the Best and Most Popular Writers for Children (Philadelphia: Porter and Coates, 1879), acknowledged as from Household Words.

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