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Hidden Light

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Authors Charles Dickens
Adelaide Anne Procter
Genre Poetry: Lyric i
Subjects Death; Grief; Mourning; Mourning Customs in Literature; Funeral Rites and Ceremonies; Life Cycle, Human; Old Age; Mortality
Ethics; Morals; Moral Development; Moral Education; Philosophy; Values
Religion; Religion and Culture
Other Details
Printed : 26/8/1854
Journal : Household Words
Volume : Volume X
Magazine : No. 231
Office Book Notes
Views : 946

Dickens was probably speaking of 'Hidden Light' when he wrote as follows to Wills on 12 August 1854: 'I have bothered and worried at the Poem (which is neither English, nor verse) hoping to make something of it, but have not succeeded after all. Strike it out. If I can fuse into it an idea I have of its natural end, you shall have it in the next parcel. If you hear no more of it, give it up as unmendable.'
According to the Office Book, 'Hidden Light' is the only Household Words poem with Dickens as joint author. Perhaps the last three stanzas are by him.

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