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Sportsmanship in Earnest

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Author Edmund Saul Dixon
Genres Cross-genre i
Prose: Digest; Review i
Prose: Essay i
Prose: Leading Article i
Subjects Africa, North—Description and Travel
Africa, North—Social Life and Customs
Animals; Domestic Animals; Pets; Working Animals; Birds; Insects
Crimean War, 1853-1856
Gender Identity; Women; Men; Femininity; Masculinity
National Characteristics; Nationalism
Race; Racism; Ethnicity; Anthropology; Ethnography
Sports; Games; Leisure; Pleasure; Hunting; Horse Racing; Gambling; Duelling
War; Battles; Peace; Military History; Weapons; Soldiers
Other Details
Printed : 6/10/1855
Journal : Household Words
Volume : Volume XII
Magazine : No. 289
Office Book Notes
Views : 589

Jule Gérard, La Chasse au lion, first pub. 1854.

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