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[The Beguilement in the Boats. The Old Sailor's Story]

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Author Adelaide Anne Procter
Genre Poetry: Occasional (Christmas, &c.) i
Subjects Africa, North—Description and Travel
Death; Grief; Mourning; Mourning Customs in Literature; Funeral Rites and Ceremonies; Life Cycle, Human; Old Age; Mortality
Family Life; Families; Domestic Relations; Sibling Relations; Kinship; Home;
Marriage; Courtship; Love; Sex
Ships; Boats; Shipwrecks; Salvage; Merchant Marine; Sailors; Sailing; Submarines (Ships)
Slavery; Slaves; Slaves—Fiction; Slave-Trade
Other Details
Printed : 25/12/1856
Journal : Household Words
Volume : Volume XIV
Magazine : 1856 Christmas
Office Book Notes
MemoStory title as in Office Book; no separate title in HW. Office book records 4.25 cols.
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Title as in the Household Words Office Book (see Lohrli, p. 161); not in original text (introduced into transcript as interpolation). The piece is introduced by a 4-line paragraph identifying the narrator and linking him with the framework.

The interpolated story (in the form of a narrative poem) told in 'The Old Sailor's Story' is by Adelaide Anne Procter. The Introduction to 'The Old Sailor's Story' [the opening paragraph, p, 597,] however, is part of the framework of The Wreck of the 'Golden Mary' - part, that is, of the linking and bridging sections that Dickens usually wrote himself. See notes to The Seven Poor Travellers, The Wreck of the 'Golden Mary,' [1856 Christmas] and 'The Beguilement in the Boats.'

Harry Stone; © Bloomington and Indiana University Press, 1968. DJO gratefully acknowledges permission to reproduce this material.

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