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The Right One

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Author Anna Mary Howitt
Genre Prose: Short Fiction i
Subjects Gender Identity; Women; Men; Femininity; Masculinity
Marriage; Courtship; Love; Sex
Religion; Religion and Culture
Other Details
Printed : 9/8/1851
Journal : Household Words
Volume : Volume III
Magazine : No. 72
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Translated by Howitt from a Swedish story called ‘Den Rätta’ by Swedish feminist writer Fredrika Bremer (1801-65), 'The Right One' was promptly translated back into Swedish after its publication in Household Words and published in a newspaper under Dickens’s name. See H. K. Riikonen, ‘Dickens’s Reception in Finland’ in Michael Hollington (ed.) The Reception of Charles Dickens in Europe, 2 vols. (London: Bloomsbury, 2013), II, p. 389. Such confusions were not uncommon. Dickens appears not to have been aware of the story's origins or subsequent embarrassing history; writing to Wills regarding the proof, he merely notes the story is ‘poor—but I think just passable’ (Letters 6, 447n.).

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