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The Second Poor Traveller

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Author George Augustus Sala
Genre Prose: Occasional (Christmas Story; article in Christmas or New Year Number, &c) i
Subjects Commercial Products (Commodities); Material Culture; Shopping; Advertising
Crimean War, 1853-1856
Dreams; Visions; Sleep
Great Britain—Armed Forces; Militias
Precious Metals; Precious Stones; Gold; Gold Mines and Mining; Mines and Mineral Resources; Minerals; Metals; Quarries and Quarrying
Race; Racism; Ethnicity; Anthropology; Ethnography
Religion; Religion and Culture
Other Details
Printed : 25/12/1854
Journal : Household Words
Volume : Volume X
Magazine : 1854 Christmas
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The interpolated story told in 'The Second Poor Traveller' is by George Augustus Sala. The Introduction, however, is part of the framework of The Seven Poor Travellers - part, that is, of the linking and bridging sections that Dickens usually wrote himself. See note to The Seven Poor Travellers.

Harry Stone; © Bloomington and Indiana University Press, 1968. DJO gratefully acknowledges permission to reproduce this material.

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