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Amelia Ann Blandford Edwards

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Edwards, Amelia Ann Blandford I Miss Amelia Edwards l, 1831–1892, journalist, novelist, Egyptologist. Educated at home, mainly by her mother. Was talented as musician and artist; for some years studied under a music teacher; gave lessons in music; served as church organist. Turned to writing to earn a livelihood. Contributed to Chambers's, Sharpe's, English Woman's Journal, the Graphic, the Academy, and other periodicals. According to D.N.B., was on staff of Saturday Review and Morning Post. Author of Barbara's History, 1864; Lord Brackenbury, 1880; and six other novels; some went through many editions. Also wrote verse, stories, children's books, histories, travel narratives. Edited two anthologies of poetry. On visit to Egypt in winter of 1873–74, became interested in Egyptology; devoted remainder of her life largely to that interest. Instrumental in founding Egypt Exploration Fund; contributed articles on Egyptological subjects to English and foreign journals. In 1889–90, in the U.S., delivered series of lectures on Egypt. Awarded three honorary degrees by American colleges. A few months before her death, granted Civil List pension of £75 a year "in consideration of her services to literature and archaeology."

      Women Novelists of Queen Victoria's Reign, 1897, mentioned "The Patagonian Brothers," Miss Edwards's one contribution to H.W., as one of her "exciting" and "extremely popular" stories. Miss Edwards contributed to the A.Y.R. Christmas number "Mugby Junction," and, according to D.N.B., also to other of the Christmas numbers. Her novel Half a Million of Money was serialized in A.Y.R., 1865, as "By the Author of 'Barbara's History.'" Miss Edwards wrote for A.Y.R. also under the editorship of Charles Dickens, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      D.N.B. suppl. 1901 
Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 

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