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Augustus Frederick Gore

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Views : 1858

Colonial Government official; son of Captain Edward Gore, R.N. Served as private secretary to chief justice, then to second puisne judge, Ceylon, 1850-1851; during next fifteen years served in various Government capacities in British Honduras and in British Guiana; then colonial secretary, Barbados, 1867-1874; lieut.-governor of Tobago, 1877-1880; of St. Vincent, 1880-1886. F.R.G.S. C.M.G. (Colonial Office List, 1868 and later dates).

Gore's H.W. article recounts a shooting excursion in Ceylon stated to have been "in the month of June, 1840". The date 1840 is obviously a typographical error: Gore began his work in Ceylon in 1850; in 1840 he was a boy of fourteen, not (as is the writer of the article) a cheroot-smoking sportsman. The article itself also proves the date wrong: Gore states that in one village "our appearance was not ... hailed by the natives with cordiality perhaps a ripple of the severities of August, 1848, had reached their quiet spot ...".

Concerning the very ordinary article, Dickens wrote to Gore, July 4 1851: "I am happy to retain your sporting adventure for insertion in Household Words. It is very graphic and agreeable and I have read it with pleasure" (Dawson's Book Shop Catalogue 323, where, however, Gore's first name is transcribed as "Augustis" and the date of the letter as "Fourth July, 1857”).

Harper's reprinted Gore's article, without acknowledgment to H.W.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971.

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