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Mrs. [?] Bradburn

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Bradburn, Mrs. Address: Shirley, Southampton. Southampton directories, 1849-59, do not list a Mrs. Bradburn. The address must have been a temporary one. The contributor may be Eliza Weaver Bradburn, daughter of the Rev. Samuel Bradburn (the Office Book at times confounds "Miss" and "Mrs."), editor of her father's Sermons, 1817, and writer of booklets for children. Copies of three of the booklets are in the Brit. Mus.: The Story of Paradise Lost, for Children, 1830; The Endless Story, in Rhyme, 1843, little moral stories taken from F. W. Carové's Mährchen ohne Ende; and Rosa; or, The Two Castles, 1863, a pious little tale adapted from "a French work." The Endless Story is dated from La Haule, Jersey. Living on one of the Channel Islands, the author may well have become familiar with Channel Island legends and stories, as with the Guernsey tradition related in the H.W. poem (the story appears in F. F. Dally, The Channel Islands, 1858). The writing is that of an amateur.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971. 

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