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[?] Browne or Brown [2]

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Browne or Brown [2]. Not identified. The items ["Plagues of London" I Browne I XI, 316-19. May 5, 1855; "Wigs" I Brown I XI, 619-20. July 28, 1855; "Weird Wisdom" I Brown I XII,141-44. Sept. 8, 1855; "The Light of Other Days" I Brown I XII 201-203. Sept. 29,1855; "Barbarous Torture" I Browne I XII, 247-49. Oct. 13, 1855; "Scrooby" I Brown I XII, 499-502. Dec. 22, 1855; "Early Days in Dulminster" I Browne I XIII, 116-20. Feb. 16, 1856; "Perfectly Contented" I Brown & Morley I XIV, 213-16. Sept. 13, 1856] (with Office Book ascription recorded for each) are of mild historical and antiquarian interest, so similar in content and attitude as to indicate that they are clearly the writing of one contributor. They are based on books, periodicals, documents, and old letters, as well as on the writer's own recollection of conditions of some thirty years ago. The writer's attitude, in general, is that the present is preferable to "the good old times." 

      Payment for "Plagues of London" and "Weird Wisdom" made by cheque; for "Wigs" in cash; payment for "Early Days in DuIminster" recorded as "Advanced." 

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971. 

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