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C. B. Harrold

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In the Great Register of Voters, 1869-1871, Alpine Co., Calif., Harrold is listed as Christian Bayfield Harrold; so also in the Great Register, 1871-1878, San Joaquin Co.; the records of Linden Cemetery, San Joaquin Co., give his first name as "Christopher" as do the H.W. items.

The Harrolds were working-class people of Leicestershire. Late in 1848, Harrold, his wife Charlotte, and their children, also Henry Thornlac ("Mr. T." in H.W.) and, according to H.W., Harrold's married sister "L." and her husband, emigrated to New Zealand; remained there about nine months. On confirmation of the news of the California gold discovery, sailed for San Francisco. Lived some months in Stock ton, where Harrold worked as carpenter. Then Harrold and Thornlac purchased Oak Ranch on the Calaveras River, some twenty miles from Stockton; farmed the land and kept a "road-side house" (H.W.), where they sold provisions and provided lodging for persons on their way to the diggings. About 1855, Harrold bought out Thornlac's interest in Oak Ranch; became successful farmer and later sheep-raiser.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971.

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