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Clements Robert Markham

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Markham, Sir Clements Robert I Markham I, 1830–1916, geographer, historical writer. F.R.S. Educated at Westminster School. Served in Royal Navy, 1844–51, taking part in Capt. Horatio Austin's expedition in search of Sir John Franklin. In 1852–53 travelled in Peru. Went again to South America in 1860, charged with collecting cinchona plants for cultivation in India. In charge of geographical work of India Office, 1867–77. Geographer to Abyssinian expedition, 1868. Took active part in promoting revival of Arctic exploration. Recognized during latter part of his life as foremost authority on geography. CB. 1871; K.C.B. 1896. Hon. LL.D., Cambridge, 1907. Recipient of foreign orders of honour. President of Hakluyt Society for twenty years; edited some twenty works for the Society. President of Royal Geographical Society for twelve years; editor, 1872–78, of Society's Geographical Magazine. Contributed numerous articles to Society's publications. Contributed occasionally to general periodicals, e.g., Quart. Rev., Macmillan's. Author of more than fifty books: biographies, histories, records of travel and exploration, historical romances. 

      Markham's first H.W. article [] recounts his crossing the Isthmus of Panama, Oct. 1852, on his trip from New York to Peru; the details given accord with those given in A. H. Markham, Life of Sir Clements R. Markham, pp. 133–35. "Leaves from Lima" is unassigned in the Office Book. It records the writer's arriving in Lima, Oct. 1852; it recounts his excursion to Coca-Chaera and to Pachacamac, and his being attacked by "Negro" assailants on his return from both excursions. Markham arrived in Lima in Oct. 1852. The Life, pp. 136-37, records his making the excursion to Pachacamac and his being attached on his return journey, but it confounds into one attack the two attacks related in the H.W. article. 
                                                                                                   D.N.B. suppl. 1912-21
Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

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