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Desmond G. Fitz-Gerald

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Fitz-Gerald, Desmond G. I Desmond G. Fitzgerald, Esquire, 27 Upper Berkeley St l, analytical chemist. Kelly's Post Office London Directory, 1858, lists 27 Upper Berkeley St. (W) as the address of a baker; 27 Upper Berkeley St. West (W) as that of a lodging-house. Fitz-Gerald was presumably staying at the lodging-house. Contributed the article "Natural Science. – Its Adaptation to the Youthful Mind" to The School and the Teacher, June 1, 1858; reprinted the article as addendum to his pamphlet Education. A Lecture, 1858. On one occasion "quitted the laboratory" to teach the "general principles of chemical science, especially in its application to Physiology," in a village school in Middlesex. In his article ["Poetry and Philosophy", H.W. XVII, 420. April 17, 1858] described his teaching experience and his philosophy of teaching; in his lecture stated his concept of education, as combining study of the humanities with study of natural science. The concept underlies his H.W. poem, which states that the writer loves both poetry and natural philosophy, that love of one does not rule out love of the other, and that the "sisters twain" constitute the true guide in life.

      In the Office Book, "D. G. Fitzgerald," with the Berkeley St. address, is recorded as author of the poem "Home and Rest," April 24, 1858. The name and address are marked out, and the author correctly written above the marked-out name as Miss Procter.
                                                                                                                             Brit. Mus. Cat.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971 

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