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Dr. [?] Kennedy

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Various Kennedys who wrote verse flourished in the mid-century. At least two held the title "Dr." : Benjamin Hall Kennedy, D.D. (1804-1889), and Richard Hartley Kennedy, M.D. (d. 1865). Benjamin Hall Kennedy, classical scholar, contributed some verses to the charity publication Christmas Comfits; no record of his contributing verse to general periodicals. Richard Hartley Kennedy (Boase), medical officer with British army in India, 1811-43; alderman, City of London, 1853-58; contributed verse to the Bijou, 1829, designating himself "R. H. Kennedy, M.D."; designated himself "M. D." on title pages of two of his poetical works, Visconti, 1829, and The Relicquary [sic], 1835. Contributed to a London periodical the material that he later published in book form as The Sutti, 1855. Seems the most likely Kennedy to have been the H.W. contributor.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971.

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