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Edoardo Nicolà Fusco

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Fusco, Edoardo Nicolà I Fusco l, b. 1824, d. 1872 or 1873, educator. Born in Trani, Apulia, in southern Italy; studied in Naples. Took prominent part in 1848 revolutionary movement in Kingdom of Naples: on its failure, fled to Corfu; lived there for some time; also for some years in Athens and Constantinople. In 1854 went to England; taught Italian and modern Greek in London and at Eton; lectured on Italian literature. His lecture "Italian Art and Literature before Giotto and Dante," delivered at Queen's College, in English, published in Macmillan's, Jan. and July 1876, with prefatory note on Fusco by his friend Matthew Arnold. Knew many prominent families in England. (The copy of his Dell' associazione commerciale artigiana di pietà in Costantinopoli, 1852, in the Brit. Mus, bears Fusco's inscription to Lady Stratford de Redcliffe.) In 1859 or 1860, returned to Italy. There laboured unceasingly in cause of education: became inspector-in-chief of schools in the provinces of the former Kingdom of Naples: held chair of anthropology and pedagogy at Univ. of Naples. Founded and edited the periodical Progresso educativo. Some of his writings published posthumously, among them L'incivilimento in Turchia and a collection of lectures on anthropology and pedagogy.
      Fusco's H.W. article ["Turks under Arms", IX, 414–17. June 17, 1854] describes a review of Turkish troops in Constantinople, Oct. 1853, at which he was a spectator. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Enciclopedia "Italiana" 
Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971


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