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Eyre Evans Crowe

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Crowe, Eyre Evans I E. E. Crowe I, 1799-1868, journalist, historian. Student at Trinity College, Dublin; left at age sixteen, without degree, to work as journalist in London. Paris correspondent, later leader writer, for Morning Chronicle.Engaged by Dickens as leader writer for Daily News;succeeded Forster as editor, Oct. 1846; made to resign editorship, 1851. Thereafter lived in France. Wrote for Examiner, Athenaeum;occasionally contributed to Quart. Rev., Edin. Rev. Author of several novels, and of The Greek and the Turk,1853; History of the Reigns of Louis XVIII and Charles X, 1854; The History of France, 1858-68 (revised and enlarged from earlier publication in Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia). 

      Of Crewe's second H.W. contribution ["The Golden Vale" VI, 377-81. Jan. 1, 1853], an account of an Irish peasant feud and of strife between an estate manager and tenant farmers, Dickens wrotes to Wills, Dec. 24, 1852 (article-title omitted in Nonesuch Letters; reads the Golden Vale in MS Huntingdon Library): "If my mind could have been materialised, and drawn along the tops of all the spikes on the outside of the Queen's Bench prison, it could not have been more agonized than by the Golden Vale; which for imbecility, carelessness, slovenly composition, relatives without antecedents, universal chaos and one absorbing whirlpool of jolter-headedness, beats anything in print and paper I have ever 'gone at' in my life."  

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971. 

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