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Franklin Fox

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Fox, Franklin I Mr. Franklyn Fox, Franklyn Fox l, b. ca. 1824, sea captain, writer. Youngest of the three children born to William Johnson Fox (1786–1864) and his wife, Eliza Florance Fox. Remained for the most part with his mother after his father separated from his wife and established ménage in 1835 with Miss Eliza Flower. Was not, however, at odds with his father. Saw him at various times; was with him during the Oldham election of 1840 (Garnett, Life of W. J. Fox, passim). Made his first voyage in 1841 as midshipman aboard an East Indiaman; later shipped on American vessels. Became surveyor to Lloyd's Agency at Karachi and captain in Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation service. In the late 1880s was living at St. Albans, having given up the sea. To People's Journal, Howitt's Journal, and H.W. contributed sketches based on his experiences at sea and in foreign parts. Edited, 1869, a Memoir of his mother. Wrote ChinaChinese Colonisation, the French, the Opium Question, 1884; How to Send a Boy to Sea, 1886; Frank Allreddy's Fortune, 1891, a boys' adventure story. Recorded himself on title page of How to Send a Boy to Sea as author of two additional titles; titles not listed in Brit. Mus. Cat. or in Eng. Cat.

Fox's father was a friend of Dickens and a leader-writer on the Daily News under Dickens's and Forster's editorship. 

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971 

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