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George Laval Chesterton

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Military officer, prison administrator. Attended an academy in Knightsbridge; thereafter studied classics with clergyman. Served, 1812-1817, in Field Train Dept. of Royal Artillery in Peninsular War, in war with the U.S., and with Army of Occupation on the Continent. Late in 1818 enlisted in British Legion recruited in England on behalf of Bolivar; returned to England from South America in 1820. Did some journalistic work; began study for holy orders. In 1829 appointed governor of Middlesex House of Correction, Coldbath Fields; held governorship to 1854; instituted reforms that changed a viciously corrupt prison into a well-managed one. Author of A Narrative of Proceedings in Venezuela, 1820; Peace, War, and Adventure, 1853; Revelations of Prison Life, 1856.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1973.


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