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Henry Richard Fox Bourne

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Bourne, Henry Richard Fox I Bourne l, 1837-1909, author, reformer. Born in Jamaica. Entered London University, 1856; at other London institutions, also attended classes and lectures, among them Henry Morley's lectures on language and literature at King's College; later became Morley's friend and assistant. Clerk in War Office, 1855-70, spending his leisure time in writing. Contributed to Examiner, Reader, Athenaeum, Gent. Mag., and other periodicals. Owner of Examiner, 1870-73; editor of Weekly Dispatch, 1876-87. Thereafter, devoted his life almost entirely to work of the Aborigines Protection Society; edited Society's journal; wrote articles and books bringing to public attention the cruel treatment of native races, and protesting against slave traffic. Author of A Memoir of Sir Philip Sidney, 1862; English Merchants, 1866, and other books tracing England's cornmercial growth and colonial expansion; The Life of John Locke, 1876; English Newspapers, 1887. 

     In the Office Book, ["The Hero of a Hundred Plays" Bourne & Morley XVIII, 324-27. Sept. 18, 1858] is recorded as by "Day & Morley"; the "Day" is marked out and substituted by "Bourne." For that and ["Hindoo Law" (lead) XVIII, 337-41. Sept. 25, 1858; "Historic Doubt" xviii, 352-54. Sept. 25, 1858; and "Fire-Worshippers" Bourne & Morley XIX, 286-88. Feb. 19, 1859], Bourne's name is written in ink of different colour from that used in other parts of the entries; the name was apparently recorded after other parts of the entries had been written. D.N.B. mentions Bourne as a H.W. contributor. 
     In 1880 Bourne submitted to A.Y.R. some papers on Malta; Charles Dickens, Jr., did not find them suited to the periodical (A.Y.R. Letter-Book, March 22, 1880). 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        D.N.B. suppl. 1901-1911

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971. 

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 

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