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James Chisholm Gooden

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Author of the pamphlet Thames and Medway Admiralty Surveys. A Letter to the Members of the Select Committee of the House of Commons Appointed to Inquire into and Report upon the Basin and Dock Accommodation of the Royal Dockyards, 1864. The brief pamphlet consists of "Observations on a Comparison of Various Maps and Charts of the River Medway, below Rochester", drawn up by a civil engineer at Gooden's request, and a prefatory letter by Gooden. In the letter Gooden states, on the basis of the observations, that until a new survey of the Medway has been completed, no true estimate can be formed of the deplorable condition of the Medway embankments. He stresses the importance of prompt investigation of the matter. The H.W. article listed below deals with the same subject—"the state of the Medway, and the desperate prospects of the dockyard of Chatham”.

Gooden was a member of the Athenaeum Club. He lived during the 1850s at 33 Tavistock Square, and was thus a neighbour of Dickens.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971.

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