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John Bate Cardale

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Published : 1 Article
Pen Names : None
Date of Birth : 7/11/1802
Death : 18/7/1877
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Solicitor; member of Irvingite (Catholic Apostolic) Church. Educated at Rugby. Articled to his father, a solicitor; head, 1824-1834, of London firm of Cardale, Iliffe, and RusselI. From 1832 to his death was Irvingite apostle; also named prophet. Served as legal adviser to Irving; ordained Irving. Was frequently at Albury, Surrey, the centre of Irvingite activity and site of Irvingite church; in July 1835, retired to Albury with other apostles and prophets to spend two and a half years in consultation. Died at Albury. Author of works on doctrinal matters; various of his sermons and discourses privately printed. In the 1850s, Cardale was Dickens's neighbour in Tavistock Square, Dickens wrote him occasional notes on neighbourhood and business matters. The motivation for Cardale's H.W. contribution was the discussion of locusts in 'The Roving Englishman', December 30 1854. Cardale's brief item records his attempt to preserve by application of chemicals "an insect of the locust tribe" which "about twelve years ago ... flew or was blown into the windows of a house on Albury Heath". The Office Book records no payment for the item.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1973.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 

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