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Joseph Gostick

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Translator, journalist, miscellaneous writer. Contributed to Douglas Jerrold's Shilling Magazine, People's Journal, Chambers's; his "Trade-Unions, and the Relations of Capital and Labour" included in Cobden Club Essays, 2nd series, 1872. Reviewed books on German literature and philosophy for Athenaeum.

Connected with Daily News, where his work consisted in part of translating items from German periodicals (J. A. Crowe, Reminiscences, p. 72). In 1848 published three numbers of Gostick's Magazine for Life and Literature (written, except for one item, entirely by Gostick). Published translations from and discussions of German literature, e.g., The Spirit of German Poetry, dedicated to Bulwer-Lytton; Outlines of German Literature (with Robert Harrison), dedicated to Carlyle; also German Culture and Christianity, 1882. Among his other writings were Manual of Music; English Poets; English Grammar, Historical and Analytical; and a handbook of American literature.

Dickens had in his library a copy of Gostick's
Spirit of German Poetry (Stonehouse, Catalogue, p. 94).

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1973.

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