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Mr. [?] Loader

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Not identified. "The Tub School" is assigned in the Office Book to "Loader" with payment marked as "Enclosed & fetched"; " Pearls from the East" is assigned to "Mr. Loader per Horne" with the notation "Cheque called for".

Shumaker, in his bibligoraphy of R. H. Horne's writings, includes "Pearls from the East" as one of Horne's contributions to H.W. He states that "Mr. Loader" was among the pseudonyms that Horne used, which pseudonyms "have been verified." He does not explain the nature of the verification, nor does he give any instance of Horne's using the Loader pseudonym except for "Pearls from the East." "The Tub School" he does not list.

Horne was no longer a staff member at the time that the two items appeared in H.W., but he was still a regular contributor. Dickens valued him as a contributor and for the most part liked his contributions. Obviously, the best recommendation to H.W. that an article by Horne could have had was his name on the MS. There was no reason for his submitting copy under a pseudonym − one that, at all events, would go no further than the Office Book record and would never meet the public eye (as other of his pseudonyms did).

But Horne acted at times on motives fathomable to Horne alone. The two "Loader" items may be by him.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971.


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