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Mr. [?] Browne

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Browne, Mr. Address: Rue de Ville [? word unclear], Boulogne. Not identified. The writer is an Englishman. His article ["The 'Irish Difficulty' Solved by Con McNale" I, 207-210. May 25, 1850] recounts the life of an Irish peasant who, by hard work and perseverance, has risen from "a herd-boy to a country jontleman." The account is given in the Irishman's own words, as told by him to the writer. Instead of the Government's attempt to solve the "Irish Difficulty" by "illigant schames" that look fine on paper but are unworkable in reality, says the Irishman, "Why not tache the boys to do as I have done?" Like the Browne (or Brown) of Paris, the writer has an interest in farming. He may be the same person. 

      Payment for the contribution recorded as "Handed enclosed to Miss Browne." 

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971. 

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