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Francis Trevelyan Buckland

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Buckland, Francis Trevelyan I Buckland, Frank Buckland l, 1826-1880, naturalist. B.A. Oxford, 1848; M.A. 1851. Studied medicine at St. George's Hospital. M.R.CS. 1851. Assistant-surgeon, 2nd Life Guards, 1854-63. In 1867 appointed inspector of fisheries; thereafter devoted himself largely to pisciculture. Contributed to Bentley's Misc., Leisure Hour, Daily News, Times, and other periodicals. On staff of the Field. With some friends, founded Land and Water, 1866; wrote much for the periodical. Author of Curiosities of Natural History, 1857-66; Log-Book of a Fisherman, 1875; Natural History of British Fishes and Notes and Jottings from Animal Life, both published posthumously. 

      Buckland was apparently acquainted with Dickens. Occasional entries in his diary record his taking an article "to Dickens" (Bompas, Life of Frank Buckland). In a letter to Percy Fitzgerald, Nov. 11, 1869, Dickens referred to an article on monkeys as having been "exceedingly well done" by Buckland in Land and Water
      Buckland was responsible for the appearance in H.W. of "Tremendous Bores" by his friend Roberts; in the Office Book, the item is recorded as by "Roberts per Frank Buckland." In the Office Book, "An Immeasurable Wonder" by Robertson is recorded as by "Robertson per F. Buckland"; the Buckland notation is marked out. 

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971. 

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 

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