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Mr [?] Hughes

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Not identified. The writer's contribution begins with a reference to Hudson's article "Mr. Bubbs on Planetary Disturbances", April 12 1851: "Mr. Bubbs after his visit to the Sun  (as described in a former number) ... thought ... that he would take a nice quiet ride in the moon .... " The Office Book indicates some preliminary confusion as to the authorship of the two items. "Mr. Bubs on Planetary Disturbances" is recorded as by C. T. Hughes, the "Hughes" being in part blotted and overwritten; the name "Hudson" is written, clearly, above the overwritten name. For "Mr. Bubb's Visit to the Moon" the name "Hughes" is preceded by an overwritten name, the first letter of which is "R." Payment is marked "Handed by W.H.W."

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971.


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