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Mrs. [?] Bell

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Bell, Mrs.
I Mrs. Bell, Miss Bell I. Not identified. On April 12, 1854, Dickens wrote to Wills: "Miss – I mean Mrs. – Bell's story very nice. I have sent it to the Printer, and entitled it 'The Green Ring and the Gold Ring [IX, 272-77. May 6, 1854].'" The Office Book assigns the story to Mrs. Bell, as it does also ["The Longest Night in a Life" (lead) IX, 21-25. Feb. 25, 1854]; ["Fallen among Thieves" XIII, 413-17. May 17, 1856] it assigns to "Miss Bell." The three stories (one is stated to be factual) are clearly by the same contributor. All have an atmosphere of mystery and terror. Payment for the first contribution made by post-office order; for the second, by cheque; for the third, in cash. 

      Harper's reprinted "The Green Ring and the Gold Ring," without acknowledgment to H.W.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971.

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