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Mrs [?] MacIntosh

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Macintosh, Mrs. Not identified. The writer's last H.W. contribution ["All the Year Round" XIX, 541. May 7, 1859] , which appeared during the weeks when H.W. and A.Y.R. were both being issued, was obviously inspired by the title of the second periodical: the words "All the year round" introduce each of its ten stanzas. The A.Y.R. Letter-Book indicates that Mrs. Macintosh was invited to contribute to the 1859 A.Y.R. Christmas number. In the Letter-Book is a copy of a form letter, dated Sept. 26, 1859, written by Wills on Dickens's behalf, requesting contributions to that number. In the list of names written below the letter – obviously the names of writers to whom a copy of the letter was or was to be sent – is the name of Mrs. MacIntosh.

      Payment for the writer's first H.W. contribution made by post-office order; for the third, by cheque and post-office order; for the sixth, by cheque.
      In the Office Book, Mrs. Maclntosh is recorded as author of "A Daisy on a Grave"; the "MacIntosh" is marked out and substituted by "Broderip."

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971

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