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Not identified. The Office Book records "Breakfast with the Black Prince" as arriving at the editorial office "per OIlier". Payment was made by cheque. The article describes the military parade and the reception and other festivities held on the occasion of a ceremonial visit of Admiral Sir Home Riggs Popham to Henri Christophe in Cape Henry in 1820. The contributor refers to himself as an officer ("I stepped [into a carriage] with a brother officer"); he was attached to one of the sloops accompanying Popham's flag-ship the Sybille. Among the various Smiths listed in the muster rolls of the seven sloops, the H.W. contributor does not seem possible of identification.

The contributor states, also, that he saw Napoleon on board the Bellerophon at Plymouth. His comment does not make clear whether he was one of the Smiths attached to the Bellerophon in 1815, or whether he was one of the hundreds of people who went out in boats in Plymouth harbour to see the Emperor.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971.

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