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Soutar. The item below relates the early history of the ancient Jewish colony in K'ai-Fung-Foo and gives also the information obtained by the Jewish Society of London, early in 1851, concerning the survivors of the colony. The order of names attached to the item in the Office Book suggests that Soutar wrote the article, that it was first revised by Keys, then further revised by Morley.

      The contributor may be Robert Soutar, actor and stage manager. Soutar was brought up as a journalist; was connected with the Morning Advertiser, of which his father was for many years working editor. Began his connection with the stage in 1852 as amateur actor. Was for some ten years Hollingshead's stage manager at the Gaiety Theatre (Hollingshead, Gaiety Chronicles, p. 39, et passim; Life and Reminiscences of E. L. Blanchard, ed. Scott and Howard, II, 443, et passim). Composed pantomimes and other pieces for the stage; edited Joseph A. Cave's reminiscences, A Jubilee of Dramatic Life and Incident, 1892.
      "The Jews in China" [III, 452–56. Aug. 2, 1851] was included in the Putnam volume of selections from H.W.: The World Here and There, 1852.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971

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