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Theodosia Trollope

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TroIlope, Theodosia (Garrow) I Mrs. Trollope l, 1825–1865, author; first wife of Thomas Adolphus Trollope. Was talented as musician, artist, linguist, verse writer. In her writing, was encouraged by Landor, who expressed extravagant admiration of her verses: through his introduction became contributor in 1839 to Lady Blessington's Book of Beauty; contributed also to Keepsake. Published, 1846, translation of Niccolini's Arnaldo da Brescia, dedicated to Landor, Married in 1848. At Villino, Trollope, a centre of social and literary life in Florence, was a celebrated hostess; to her husband, was "the angel in the house" (What I Remember, p. 515). After her marriage, continued her literary work, both in translation and in original writing. Set some of her verses to music. One of her poems appeared in English Woman's Journal, 1858; a prose contribution in Victoria Regia. Contributed to Athenaeum a series of letters in cause of Italian freedom; reprinted, 1861 as Social Aspects of the Italian Revolution. Contributed to Cornhill articles on three contemporary Italian poets.

      The baby Beatrice of the H. W. poem [XI, 303–04. April 28, 1855] was the daughter born to Trollope in March 1853. In "English Authors in Florence", Atlantic Monthly, Dec. 1864, Kate Field mentioned the poem by title as an "exceedingly charming" example of Mrs. TroIlope's poetry, stating that it had "appeared several years ago in 'Household Words.'"
      According to the Reader, April 22, 1865, Mrs. Trollope wrote "papers on home topics for All the Year Round."

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971

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