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Thomas Satchell

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Published : 5 Articles
Pen Names : None
Date of Birth : N/A
Death : N/A
Views : 1794

Naturalist. For some years edited Angler's Note-Book and Naturalist's Record. Compiled Provisional Index to a Glossary of Fish Names, pamphlet privately printed, 1879. Edited, from a MS of about 1450, a work attributed to Dame Juliana Berners (or Bernes or Barnes), the Treatyse of Fysshynge with an Angle, privately printed, 1883, for presentation to members of English Dialect Society; in 1884 brought out edition of a sixteenth-century work by Leonard Mascall, A Booke of Fishing with Hooke and Line; in both books acknowledged linguistic help of Prof. W. W. Skeat. Collaborated with Thomas Westwood on Bibliotheca Piscatoria, 1883, an enlarged version of Westwood's original 1861-1869 bibliography; contributed notes and additions to Westwood's 1883 edition of The Chronicle of the "Compleat Angler".

Harper's reprinted three of Satchell's H.W. contributions, without acknowledgment to H.W.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971.

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