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Walter Goodman

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Published : 3 Articles
Pen Names : None
Date of Birth : 11/5/1838
Death : 20/8/1912
Views : 2125

Artist, illustrator and author, famous for portraits of the actress Mrs. Keeley, and for the trompe l'oeil study 'The Printseller's Window' (c. 1883). The Garrick Club Art Collection website carries the following profile:

Walter Goodman was born in London in May 1838. He studied under J. M. Leigh and was admitted as a student at the Royal Academy Schools, at the age of nineteen, in 1857. In 1864 he left for the West Indies, where he remained for five years, writing and painting, mostly in Cuba. While in Cuba he was arrested and imprisoned in More Castle under suspicion of having been implicated in the Cuban revolution of 1869. Expelled from the island, he spent a year in New York before returning to London, where he devoted himself to portrait painting. Goodman exhibited just three paintings at the Royal Academy between 1872 and 1888.


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