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William Charles Milne

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Missionary. Son of William Milne (1785-1822), missionary. On title page of Life in China, 1857, designated himself "M.A.". Went to China in 1839; "with the exception of an absence of two years, continued to labour there till near the beginning of 1854, under the auspices of the London Missionary Society" ("Preface", Life in China). Stationed at various times in Macao, Ningpo, Hong Kong, Shanghai; disguised as Chinese, made 1300-mile journey into interior. Served on Bible translation committee. After terminating connection with Missionary Society, served as interpreter for British Government, 1858-1862, first at Hong Kong, then at Foochowfoo; thereafter, assistant Chinese secretary to Legation at Peking, 1862-1863 (Foreign Office List, 1859 and later dates). Died in Peking.

Contributed an occasional article to Chinese Repository, Transactions of China branch of Royal Asiatic Society, Chambers's, Edinburgh Review. Published Critical Remarks on Dr. Medhurst''s Version of the First Chapter of St. John and Life in China. Life exposes the falsity of many concepts held about the Chinese; denounces the loose generalizations of ill-informed writers, as, for instance, the comments of that "shallow observer of human nature" Bayard Taylor.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

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