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middle-agedis seen at window of 13; she
observes the Bath-chair, and retires hurriedly.
Presently door of No.13 is partially opened,
and servant from time to time peeps out. In
few minutes door of No.7 opens, and elderly
man-servant appears with bundle of cloaks and
wrappers on arm, which he arranges in Bath-chair,
and at the same moment young lady
comes hastily out of No.13, places small
cushion, covered with red silk, embroidered, at
back of chair and retiresdoor of 13 still a-jar.
At twelve o'clock, door of No.7 opens again,
and old lady descends steps very slowly, assisted
by elderly man-servant. Chair opened, wrappers
arranged. Old lady points fiercely to red silk
cushion, and appears to be questioning elderly
man-servant, who points towards No.13 as
he replies. Old lady sends him off with cushion
to 13, and gets into chair assisted by elderly
female-servant of great respectability. Then
young lady, same as observed before, comes
out of No.13 apparently in tears, and holding
cushion in hand. She approaches chair and
addresses old lady, who pushes away cushion
as often as offered, and gives directions for chair
to move on. Young lady is retiring, when
suddenly chair is brought to a stop again, and elderly
female-servant is sent back. She hastens after
young lady of No.13, and, overtaking her, the two
return towards chair, young lady still carrying
cushion. Old lady seems now to agree to receive
cushion, for it is placed behind her head, and
young lady again retires, smiling sweetly. Chair
stopped again, and elderly female again sent
back. Again overtakes young lady, and both
return to chair. Short parley, and then chair
moves on once more, young lady and respectable
female, one on each side, arranging cushions and
wrappers incessantly, till chair reaches corner of
street and is lost to sight.

"12.50. Chair reappears at comer, and
descends street. As it passes position occupied
by self, young lady heard to say, ' Now, dear
Aunt Stocks, you know it is just your luncheon-time,
do let us send you in the grapes again.'
Old lady replies, 'No; I don't want 'em.' Rest
of speech, if any, lost in consequence of chair
passing out of earshot. Servant hurries on to
ring at No.7; door opens immediately; old lady
enters, and young ditto is left standing outside.
She retires to No.13, goes in, and all is quiet.

"2.5. Door of No.7 re-opens, female servant
comes out bearing small note; takes it to No.
13, and after short conversation with girl who
opens door, leaves note and returns again to No.
7. Soon afterwards door of 13 again flies open,
and young ladysame as observed beforepasses
from No.13 to No.7, and is admitted. In about
five minutes, however, she appears again, and
returns home. She would seem to be in tears.

"2.25. A young ladynot same observed
before, but considerably youngerissues from No.
13, rings at No.7, and goes in. Shortly afterwards,
close carriage drawn by two fat horses,
and driven by fat coachman, comes down street.

It stops at No.7. It is empty. Door of No.7
opens, and middle-aged man-servant, standing
on steps, conversed with coachman. Approaching
as nearly as could judiciously, heard fragments
of conversation. Both spoke low, and I
was obliged to listen with all my ears. 'Well,'
says Butler, 'she do seem to have took a fancy
to t'other one to-day.' 'Ah!' replies coachman;
' 'taint long as she'll fancy e'er a one of the lot.'
'Yes, you're about right there, Simpson,' says.
Butler. And then there came a bit which I
couldn't catch. Presently they talked a little
louder, and then heard Butler say, 'Mr. Wyly,
the lawyer, he was up here ever so long
yesterday, and closeted with missus; and before
he went Mrs. Cookson and me, we was called in
to witness the signature of one of these here
codicils, or whatever they are; but lord! Simpson,
she makes a new one 'most hevery month.
Between you and me, Simpson, I shouldn't
wonder if she was to leave every penny away from
hall of 'em, and give it to the Fondling or the
Indignant Blind.' 'And a good job too,'
replied the other. They would have gone on
longer, only old lady appeared at that moment
at door, with same female servant, elderly and
respectable, that I before noted, and young lady
not cushion, and Bath-chair one, but the other
whom I had not seen beforeand then they both
got into the carriage, and after a deal of packing
up in cloaks, and wrappers, and all the rest of
it, the vehicle drove off, respectable serving-woman
went back into house, and Butler was
left standing on steps, and whistling softly to
self. But soon after he went in too, slammed
door after him, and all was again quiet."

(Journal continued.) "At this time retired
to public-house at corner, and ordered chop.
While partaking of same in parlourwindow
of which commanded No.7, house occupied by
the old lady, who had just gone out for carriage-
airingobserved middle-aged lady accompanied
by a young dittonot one of those whom I
had previously seendescend steps of No.13,
and ascend steps of No.7. Door answered by
respectable woman-servant, with whom both
ladies shook hands cordially, then just standing
inside door, opened a large light-looking whity-brown
paper parcel which elder lady held, and
taking out a very smart cap much bedizened with
ribbons, presented same to respectable servant.
Respectable servant made show of refusing cap,
but ladies insisting, she yielded, and all shaking
hands once again, ladies descended steps, smiling,
and went away.

"5.15. Carriage returns, containing old lady
of No.7 and young miss, who both go into
No.7 together, and carriage drives away. About
an hour afterwards, door being opened for servant
to take in evening paper, and it being now dark,
can see in lighted hall, plates and dishes, and
other signs that dinner is going on. In about an
hour, door re-opens, subordinate servant-maid
leaving it on jar, takes small three-cornered note
to No.13, and leaves same without waiting for

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