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majority refuses to make one; Baron Rolfe, Baron Parker
and Chief Justice Wilde, dissented from the doctrine
that the minority can bind the majority. The judgment
of the majority of the bench was, that the
judgment of the court below (the Queen's Bench)
must be affirmed. So the monition of the Ecclesiastical
Court to make a rate is now of operative force.

At the Middlesex Sessions, held at Clerkenwell, on
the 22nd, William Anderson, a sharp-looking boy, aged
fourteen, was indicted for Robbery. At about mid-day,
on the 10th, he entered the shop of Mr. Cooper, baker,
at Stepney, and asked Mrs. Cooper, who was serving
behind the counter, for a halfpenny-worth of bread, at
the same time laying down a penny. As she was about
to give him the difference, he threw a handful of pepper
in her eyes; and, jumping upon the counter, proceeded
to help himself to the contents of the till, but becoming
alarmed, he retreated, having got but threepence into his
possession. Mr. Cooper pursued, and having overtaken
him in Suffolk Street, he very coolly turned round, and
presenting Mr. Cooper with the threepence, said, "It's
only threepence, so it's not worth running for, and I
gives in; but you wouldn't have nabbed me if it had
been more!"  He was then handed over to a policeman.
But two days before this transaction, the prisoner had
been liberated from Ilford gaol; where he had been
imprisoned for highway robbery. He, and three others,
having stopped a chaise on a turnpike-road; and one of
them, not the prisoner, fired a pistol at the driver. They
robbed the chaise and made off. The judge said this case
presented a most extraordinary instance of juvenile
depravity; and sentenced the culprit to imprisonment
with hard labour for six months.

At the Mansion House, on the 28th, Alderman
Humphery expounded a point in Omnibus Law,
when a conductor of a Camberwell omnibus was
summoned for having refused to admit a gentleman as a
passenger into his omnibus. A few days before, at a
quarter before five, the complainant went to the door of
the omnibus, being desirous to be driven as far as
Walworth, and requested the conductor to allow him to
enter. The evening was extremely wet, but the
conductor refused to admit the applicant, and excused
himself upon the ground that all the seats were engaged,
at the same time that there was abundance of room in
the vehicle. The complainant represented the unfairness
of the refusal, and determined to have the decision
of a magistrate upon the subject. A gentleman who
regularly takes a seat in the defendant's omnibus stated
that the defendant was expected by his regular "whole
of the way" customers to keep seats for them, especially
in wet weather, during which alone the passengers to
Walworth or the Elephant and Castle were disposed to
ride. The conductor stated he considered himself
bound to reserve seats for his regular "whole of the
way" customers, and had acted accordingly. The
Alderman admitted the reasonableness of the defence,
but the law was positive on the subject. No seat could
be reserved so as to prevent any applicant being refused
admission into the omnibus. No penalty was inflicted.

An inquest was held on the 29th, on Martha Joachim,
a Wealthy and Eccentric Lady, late of 27, York-buildings,
Marylebone, aged 62. The jury proceeded to view
the body, but had to beat a sudden retreat, until a bull-
dog, belonging to deceased, and which savagely attacked
them, was secured. It was shown in evidence that on
the 1st of June, 1808, her father, an officer in the Life
Guards, was murdered and robbed in the Regent's Park.
A reward of £300 was offered for the murderer, who
was apprehended with the property upon him, and
executed. In 1825, a suitor of the deceased, whom her
mother rejected, shot himself while sitting on the sofa
with her, and she was covered with his brains. From
that instant she lost her reason. Since her mother's
death, eighteen years ago, she had led the life of a
recluse, dressed in white, and never going out. A
charwoman occasionally brought her what supplied her
wants. Her only companions were the bull-dog, which
she nursed like a chld, and two cats. Her house was
filled with images of soldiers in lead, which she called
her "body-guards." When the collectors called for
their taxes, they had to cross the garden-wall to gain
admission. One morning she was found dead in her
bed; and a surgeon who was called in, said she had died
of bronchitis, and might have recovered with proper
medical aid. The jury returned a verdict to that effect.

In the Insolvent Debtors' Court on the 29th, Capt.
Robert Talbot, of the Royal Artillery, having applied
for his Discharge, the application was opposed by counsel
on behalf of John Jeffreys. Jeffreys was the racket-
keeper of the regiment, and Captain Talbot its treasurer;
Jeffreys sued his Captain in the County Court for £5
arrears of salary, and obtained judgment; thereupon
he was dismissed from his appointment, and "forcibly
ejected therefrom" by Captain Talbot and some other
members of the regiment. He brought an action for
the assault; and it came on for trial at the Maidstone
Assizes, but was compromised on the advice of the
Judge, by an admitted verdict for nominal damages
only enough to carry costs; six counsel had been
engaged. It appeared that Capt. Talbot's debts amounted
to £700; £600 in respect of his own costs and those of
Jeffreys. Not being in possession of funds to pay this
amount, he sought the benefit of this Court, almost
exclusively, if not solely, for the purpose of relieving
himself from the costs attendant on keeping up the legal
ball with Jeffreys; and he admitted the arrest on which
he was in custody was a friendly one, made with the
above object. The Commissioner felt doubts as to
receiving such a petition, and dismissed it after consulting
with the Chief Commissioner.

At the Marylebone Police Office on the 30th, J.
Gammage, master of a National School at Paddington,
was charged with having Cruelly Ill-used a William
Taylor, one of his pupils, a delicate little boy, 10 years
of age. The witnesses examined proved the boy had
been so severely caned for a breach of school discipline,
that large wheals, from one of which blood flowed, were
produced on his shoulders and sides. In reply it was
alleged that the boy had behaved with great impropriety
while in attendance on a lecture in the school, and
required correction, and also that he was generally unruly;
and a number of testimonials from clergymen, which
set forth that the defendant was a man much respected,
firm of purpose, and kind towards his pupils, were
produced. The Rev. Mr. Boone spoke in the highest terms
of the defendant, whose salary had recently, in
consequence of his valuable services, been raised. The
magistrate considered that the chastisement was of much too
severe a nature, and inflicted a penalty of 40s. The
amount was paid by the Rev. W. Boone, who considered
it a very hard case.


Accounts have been received of the Loss of the Transport,
Richard Dart, with a lamentable loss of life. She
left Gravesend on the 5th of April last year, for Auckland;
besides the crew, there was a detachment of twenty-eight
sappers and miners, under the command of Lieutenant
Liddell, Dr. Fitton with his wife and child, Dr. Gale,
Mr. Kelly, four soldiers' wives, and nine children.
South of the Cape of Good Hope bad weather was
experienced, and on the 19th of June the ship struck on
the north side of Prince Edward's Islands. The waves
ran terrifically high; the boats were filled and torn from
the quarter, and the sea swept away forty-seven of the
passengers and crew. Of these, the chief mate alone
contrived to reach the rocks. The commander, four
seamen, an apprentice, and four of the soldiers, took
refuge in the mainmast rigging; and the wreck having
been driven broadside to the shore, the mainmast went
by the board, falling fortunately upon the rock, and the
survivors crawled along the spar to the shore. The
night was intensely cold, and there were frequent falls
of snow; the sufferings of the unfortunate men were
consequently most severe. They found on the shore a
few blankets which had been washed from the wreck;
but they were unable to obtain any provisions beyond a
piece of beef, and they subsisted upon the raw flesh of
birds. In the course of six or seven days they determined
on exploring the island. One of the soldiers perished
from the intensity of the cold and the want of proper
nourishment, and after rambling about the island for no

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