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addressed to the judge or the syndic; some
are orders to a dozen unfortunate wights to
present themselves at the Intendenza; while.
others contain ghostly reproofs from the
bishop, or orders to suspend a priest at his
reverence's will and pleasure, and rusticate him
in some monastery. Every denunciation is
received and inquired into.

I remember an instance of two men who
kept a whole district in inquietude during one
winter. Both had received some private
offence, and straightway each shrank into a
corner and wove his envenomed meshes;
charges were devised and letters written to
the Intendente, accusing some score of their
friends of Carbonarism or constitutionalism;
then came the usual dispatches to the judge
and other authorities to inquire into the truth
of the statements. The judge, it happened, was
friendly with the unfortunate denounced, and
drew up therefore a favourable report, but
had he been less honest or less amicable, these
poor fellows might have swelled the number
of those who now pine in the prisons of the

Indeed, the influence of the Police Spy
System (united with other causes), has been
such as to convert the whole nation into spies
upon each other. As suspicion and want of
confidence universally prevail, so there is a
deficiency of truthfulness. This cannot be
more strongly proved than by the admission
of the Italians themselves who, when wishing
to conciliate your belief, tell you that they
speak "la parola Inglese,"–––on the word of an



IT is a remarkable truth, and, well applied,
it might be profitable to us, in helping us to
make fair allowance for the differences between
the temperaments of different men that every
Locomotive Engine running on a Railway, has
a distinct individuality and character of its own.

It is perfectly well known to experienced
practical engineers, that if a dozen different
Locomotive Engines were made, at the same
time, of the same power, for the same purpose,
of like materials, in the same Factory–––each
of those Locomotive Engines would come out
with its own peculiar whims and ways, only
ascertainable by experience. One engine will
take a great meal of coke and water at once;
another will not hear of such a thing, but will
insist on being coaxed by spades-full and
buckets-full. One is disposed to start off,
when required, at the top of his speed; another
must have a little time to warm at his work,
and to get well into it. These peculiarities
are so accurately mastered by skilful drivers,
that only particular men can persuade
particular engines to do their best. It would
i as if some of these "excellent monsters"
declared, on being brought out of the stable,
"If it's Smith who is to drive me, I won't go.
If it's my friend Stokes, I am agreeable to
any tiling!"

All Locomotive Engines are low-spirited in
damp and foggy weather. They have a great
satisfaction in their work when the air is
crisp and frosty. At such a time they are
very cheerful and brisk; but they strongly
object to haze and Scotch mists. These are points
of character on which they are all united. It
is in their peculiarities and varieties of
character that they are most remarkable.

The Railway Company who should consign
all their Locomotives to one uniform standard
of treatment, without any allowance for varying
shades of character and opinion, would
soon fall as much behind-hand in the world
as those greater Governments are, and ever
will be, who pursue the same course with the
finer piece of work called Man.


THE Police Courts ot London have often
displayed many a curious character, many a
strange scene, many an exquisite bit of
dialogue; so have the Police Courts in
Ireland, especially at the Petty Sessions in
Kilrush; but we are not so well aware of
how often a scene of rich and peculiar humour
occurs in the Police tribuneaux of Paris. We
will proceed to give the reader a "taste of
their quality."

An extremely old woman, all in rags, was
continually found begging in the streets, and
the Police having goodnaturedly let her off
several times, were at last obliged to take her
in charge, and bring her into the Court.
Several magistrates were sitting. The following
dialogue took place between the President
and the old woman.

President. Now, my good woman, what
have you to say for yourself? You have
been frequently warned by the Police, but
you have persisted in troubling people with

Old Woman (in a humble quavering tone).
Ah, Monsieur le President, it is not so much
trouble to other people as it is to me. I am
a very old woman.

Pres. Come, come, you must leave off begging,
or I shall be obliged to punish you.

Old W. But, Monsieur le President, I cannot
live without I must beg pardon me,
Monsieur I am obliged to beg.

Pres. But I say you must not. Can you do
no work?

Old W. Ah, no, Monsieur; I am too old.

Pres. Can't you sell something–––little cakes

Old W. No, Monsieur, I can't get any
little stock to begin with; and, if I could, I
should be robbed by the gamins, or the little
girls, for I 'm not very quick, and can't see well.

Pres. Your relations must support you,
then. You cannot be allowed to beg. Have
you no son––no daughter––no grandchildren?

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