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public gratification. People, of all ages and
conditions, rushed to see him bathe, and
sleep, and feed; and H. R. H. had no
objection. As H. R. H. lay luxuriously winking
at the striving public, one warm summer
day, MR. CANNANA distinctly perceived that
the whole of H. R. H.'s time and energy was
devoted to the service of that public. MR.
CANNANA'S eye, wandering round the hall,
and observing, there assembled, a number of
persons labouring under the terrible disorder
of having nothing particular to do, and too
much time to do it in, moistened, as he reflected
that the whole of H. R. H.'s life, 'in giving
them some temporary excitement, was an act
of charity; was "devoted" (MR. CANNANA
has since printed these words) "to the
protection and affectionate care of the sick and
the afflicted." He perceived, upon the instant,
that H. R. H. was a Hippopotamus of "unsurpassed
worth," and he drew up an advertisement
so describing him.

MR. CANNANA, having brought his project
thus far on ita road to posterity, without
stumbling over any obstacle in the way, now
considered it expedient to impart the great
design to some other person or persons
who would go hand in hand with him. He
concluded (having some knowledge of the
world) that those who had lifted themselves
into any degree of notoriety by means
of H. R. H., would be the most likely (but only
as best knowing him) to possess a knowledge
of his unsurpassed worth. It is an instance
of MR. CANNANA's sagacity, that he communicated
with the Milkman who supplies the
Zoological Gardens.

The Milkman immediately put down his
name for ten pounds, his wife's for five pounds,
and each of their twin children for two pounds
ten. He added, in a spirited letter, addressed
to MR. CANNANA, and a copy of which is now
before us, "You may rely on my assistance in
any way, or in every way, that may be useful
to your patriotic project, of erecting a Monument
to the 'Good' Hippopotamus. We
have not Monuments enough. We want more.
H. R. H.'s consumption of milk has far
exceeded, from the first moment of his
unwearied devotion of himself to the happiness
of Mankind, any animal's with which I am
acquainted; and that nature must be base
indeed, that would not vibrate to your
appeal." Emboldened by this sympathy,
MR. CANNANA next addressed himself to
the Mealman, who replied, "This is as it
should be," and enclosed a subscription of
seven pounds tenwith a request that it
might be stated in the published list that the
number of his house was ONE HUNDRED AND
SEVENTY-FOUR B, at the right-hand corner of
High Street and Blue Lion Street, and that
it had no connexion with any similar
establishments in the same neighbourhood, which
were all impositions.

MR. CANNANA now proceeded to form a
Committee. The Milkman and the Mealman
both consented to serve. Also the two Policemen
usually on duty (under MR. CANNANA'S
auspices), in H. R. H's den; the principal
Mbney-taker at the gardens; the Monkey who,
early in the season, was appointed (by MR.
CANNANA) to a post on H. R. H's grounds;
and all the artificers employed (under MR.
CANNANA's directions), in constructing the
existing accommodation for H. R. H's entire
dedication of his life and means to the consolation
of the afflicted. Still, MR. CANNANA deemed
it necessary to his project to unite in one
solid phalanx all the leading professional
keepers of Show Animals in and near London;
and this extensive enterprise he immediately
pursued, by circular-letter signed HAMET
SAFI CANNANA, setting forth the absolute
and indispensable necessity of "raising a
permanent monument in honour of the Good
Hippopotamus, which, while it becomes a
record of gratitude for his self-sacrifices in the
cause of charity, shall serve as a guide and
example to all who wish to become the
benefactors of mankind."

The response to this letter, was of the most
gratifying nature. MR. WOMBWELL'S keepers
joined the committee; all the, keepers at the
Surrey Zoological, enrolled themselves without
loss of time; the exhibitor of the dancing
dogs, came forward with alacrity; the
proprietor of " Punch's Opera, containing the
only singing dogs in Europe," became a
Committee-man; and the hoarse gentleman
who trains the birds to draw carriages, and
the white mice to climb the tight rope and go
up ladders, gave in his adhesion, in a manner
that did equal honour to his head and heart.
The Italian boys were once thought of, but
these MR. CANNANA rejected as low; for all
MR. CANNANA'S proceedings are characterised
by a delicate gentility.

The Committee, having been thus constituted,
and being reinforced by the purveyors
to the different animals (who are observed
to be very strong in the cause) held a
meeting of their body, at which MR.
CANNANA explained his general views. MR.
CANNANA said; that he had proposed to the
various keepers of Show Animals then
present, to form themselves into that union for
the erection of a Monument to the " Good"
Hippopotamus, because, laying aside individual
jealousies, it appeared to him that the
cause of that animal of " unsurpassed worth,"
was, in fact, the common cause of all Show
Animals. There was one point of view (MR.
CANNANA said) in which the design they had
met to advance, appeared to him to be
exceedingly important. Some Show Animals had
not done well of late. Pathetic appeals had
been made to the Public on their behalf; but
the Public had appeared a little to mistrust the
Animalswhy, he could not imagineand
their funds did not bear that proportion to
their expenditure, which was to be desired;
Now, here were they, the Representatives of
thoae Show Animals, about, one and all, to

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