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cranky. William said, "What will you do
with it, John?" I said, "Patent it."
William said, "How Patent it, John?" I said,
"By taking out a Patent." William then
delivered that the law of Patent was a cruel
wrong. William said, "John, if you make
your invention public, before you get a Patent,
anyone may rob you of the fruits of your
hard work. You are put in a cleft stick,
John. Either you must drive a bargain
very much against yourself, by getting a
party to come forward beforehand with the
great expenses of the Patent; or, you
must be put about, from post to pillar,
among so many parties, trying to make a
better bargain for yourself, and showing your
invention, that your invention will be took
from you over your head." I said, "William
Butcher, are you cranky? You are sometimes
cranky." William said, "No John,
I tell you the truth;" which he then
delivered more at length. I said to W. B. I
would Patent the invention myself.

My wife's brother, George Bury of West
Bromwich (his wife unfortunately took to
drinking, made away with everything, and
seventeen times committed to Birmingham
Jail before happy release in every point of
view), left my wife, his sister, when he died,
a legacy of one hundred and twenty-eight
pound ten, Bank of England Stocks. Me and
my wife had never broke into that money
yet. Note. We might come to be old, and
past our work. We now agreed to Patent
the invention. We said we would make a
hole in itI mean in the aforesaid money
and Patent the invention. William Butcher
wrote me a letter to Thomas Joy, in London.
T. J. is a carpenter, six foot four in height,
and plays quoits well. He lives in Chelsea,
London, by the church. I got leave from the
shop, to be took on again when I come back.
I am a good workman. Not a Teetotaller; but
never drunk. When the Christmas holidays
were over, I went up to London by the
Parliamentary Train, and hired a lodging for
a week with Thomas Joy. He is married.
He has one son gone to sea.

Thomas Joy delivered (from a book he had)
that the first step to be took, in Patenting
the invention, was to prepare a petition unto
Queen Victoria. William Butcher had
delivered similar, and drawn it up. Note,
William is a ready writer. A declaration before
a Master in Chancery was to be added to it.
That, we likewise drew up. After a deal of
trouble I found out a Master, in Southampton
Buildings, Chancery Lane, nigh Temple Bar,
where I made the declaration, and paid
eighteenpence. I was told to take the declaration
and petition to the Home Office, in
Whitehall, where I left it to be signed by the
Home Secretary (after I had found the office
out) and where I paid two pound, two, and
sixpence. In six days he signed it, and I
was told to take it to the Attorney-General's
chambers, and leave it there for a report. I
did so, and paid four pound, four. Note.
Nobody, all through, ever thankful for their
money, but all uncivil.

My lodging at Thomas Joy's was now hired
for another week, whereof five days were gone.
The Attorney-General made what they called
a Report-of-course (my invention being, as
William Butcher had delivered before starting,
unopposed), and I was sent back with it to
the Home Office. They made a Copy of it,
which was called a Warrant. For this
warrant, I paid seven pound, thirteen, and six.
It was sent to the Queen, to sign. The Queen
sent it back, signed. The Home Secretary
signed it again. The gentleman throwed it
at me when I called, and said, "Now take it
to the Patent Office in Lincoln's Inn." I was
then in my third week at Thomas Joy's,
living very sparing, on account of fees. I
found myself losing heart.

At the Patent Office in Lincoln's Inn, they
made "a draft of the Queen's bill," of my
invention, and a "docket of the bill." I paid
five pound, ten, and six, for this. They
"engrossed two copies of the bill; one for the
Signet Office, and one for the Privy-Seal
Office." I paid one pound, seven, and six, for
this. Stamp duty over and above, three
pound. The Engrossing Clerk of the same
office engrossed the Queen's bill for signature.
I paid him one pound, one. Stamp-
duty, again, one pound, ten. I was next to
take the Queen's bill to the Attorney-General
again, and get it signed again. I took it, and
paid five pound more. I fetched it away, and
took it to the Home Secretary again. He
sent it to the Queen again. She signed it
again. I paid seven pound, thirteen, and six,
more, for this. I had been over a month at
Thomas Joy's. I was quite wore out, patience
and pocket.

Thomas Joy delivered all this, as it went
on, to William Butcher. William Butcher
delivered it again to three Birmingham
Parlors, from which it got to all the other
Parlors, and was took, as I have been told
since, right through all the shops in the
North of England. Note. William Butcher
delivered, at his Parlor, in a speech, that it
was a Patent way of making Chartists.

But I hadn't nigh done yet. The Queen's
bill was to be took to the Signet Office in
Somerset House, Strandwhere the stamp
shop is. The Clerk of the Signet made "a
Signet bill for the Lord Keeper of the Privy
Seal." I paid him four pound, seven. The
Clerk of the Lord Keeper of the Privy
Seal made "a Privy-Seal bill for the
Lord Chancellor." I paid him, four pound,
two. The Privy-Seal bill was handed over
to the Clerk of the Patents, who engrossed
the aforesaid. I paid him five pound, seventeen,
and eight; at the same time, I paid
Stamp-duty for the Patent, in one lump,
thirty pound. I next paid for "boxes for
the Patent," nine and sixpence. Note. Thomas
Joy would have made the same at a profit,

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