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THERE are reasons, sufficiently obvious to
our readers without explanation, which render
the present a fitting place for a few words of
remark on the proposed Institution bearing
this name.

Its objects, as stated in the public
advertisement, are, "to encourage life assurance
and other provident habits among authors
and artists; to render such assistance to both,
as shall never compromise their independence;
and to found a new Institution where honorable
rest from arduous labour shall still be
associated with the discharge of congenial

The authors and artists associated in this
endeavour would be but indifferent students
of human nature, and would be but poorly
qualified for the pursuit of their art, if they
supposed it possible to originate any scheme
that would be free from objection. They have
neither the right, nor the desire, to take
offence at any discussion of the details of their
plan. All that they claim, is, such consideration
for it as their character and position may
justly demand, and such moderate restraint
in regard of misconception or misrepresentation
as is due to any body of gentlemen
disinterestedly associated for an honorable

It is proposed to form a Society of Authors
and Artists by profession, who shall all effect
some kind of Insurance on their lives;— whether
for a hundred pounds or a thousand pounds
whether on high premiums terminable at a
certain age, or on premiums payable through
the whole of lifewhether for deferred
annuities, or for pensions to widows, or for the
accumulation of sums destined to the education
or portioning of childrenis in this, as
in all other cases, at the discretion of the
individual insuring. The foundation of a
New Life Insurance Office, expressly for these
purposes, would be, obviously, a rash
proceeding, wholly unjustifiable in the infancy of
such a design. Therefore its proposers recommend
one existing Insurance Officefirstly,
because its constitution appears to secure to
its insurers better terms than they can meet
with elsewhere; secondly, because in Life
Insurance, as in most other things, a body
of persons can obtain advantages which
individuals cannot. The chief advantage thus
obtained in this instance, is stated in the
printed Prospectus as a deduction of five
per cent from all the premiums paid by Members
of the Society to that particular office. It is
needless to add, that if an author or an artist
be already insured in another office, or if he
have any peculiar liking, in effecting a new
insurance, for paying five per cent more than
he need, he is at perfect liberty to insure
where he pleases, and in right of any insurance
whatever to become a Member of the Society
if he will.

But, there may be cases in which, on
account of impaired health or of advanced age
at the present time, individuals desirous of
joining the Society, may be quite unable to
obtain acceptance at any Life Office. In such
instances the required qualification of Life
Insurance will be dispensed with. In cases of
proved temporary inability to meet a periodical
payment due on an Insurance, the Society
proposes to assist the insurer from its funds.

"In connexion with this Society," the
Prospectus proceeds, "by which it is intended to
commend and enforce the duties of prudence
and foresight, especially incumbent on those
whose income is wholly, or mainly, derived
from the precarious profit of a profession, it
is proposed to establish and endow an Institute,
having at its disposal certain salaries, to
which certain duties will be attached; together
with a limited .number of free residences,
which, though sufficiently small to be adapted
to a very moderate income, will be completed
with due regard to the ordinary habits and
necessary comforts of gentlemen. The offices
of Endowment will consist:

"First,— Of a Warden, with a house and a
salary of two hundred pounds a year;

"Second,— Of Members, with a house and
one hundred and seventy pounds, or, without
a house, two hundred pounds a year;

"Third,— Of Associates, with a salary of one
hundred pounds a year.

"For these offices all who are Insurers in
the Society above mentioned are qualified to
offer themselves as Candidates. Such
Insurance is to be considered an indispensable
qualification, saving in exceptional cases
(should any such arise) where an individual
can prove that he has made every effort to

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